Golf Betting: What Are the Best Betting Games in Golf When You Suck at Golf?

If you play golf, you might occasionally wonder if there’s any point in playing the game when you suck at it. Fortunately, there are several betting games that you can play that don’t require much in the way of skill; all you need is a little bit of luck, and maybe a drink at the end to make it more interesting. Here are four of the best golf betting games.

Darts Backed Horse Racing

You may have tried your hand at backing a horse or a dog in a race, and found that it’s more difficult than you expected. You may have also found that there’s more money to be made if you back the right horse, considering the cost of a dart and how little the average user wins. Wouldn’t it be great if you could apply your knowledge of horses to the exciting world of golf? You can, and you can do so with confidence because Darts Backed Horse Racing is one of the better known and most popular golf betting games. You place your bet on a horse or a dog, and then wait for a golf ball to be thrown. The goal is to be the first to knock down all of your targets in order to win the race. The more targets you hit, the better your score. The first person to knock down all of their targets wins the game. Do you have what it takes to beat the computer and capture the glory?

Golf Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are the preferred method of gambling in many parts of the world, and one of the best American companies, Topps, even makes it their business to bring this form of gambling to the U.S. If you’re unfamiliar, scratch cards are essentially like instant lottery tickets where you win or lose based on the luck of the draw. You scratch off the card to reveal a series of numbers, and if these match the numbers you’ve drawn, you win the prize. It’s a popular game among people who like to play the slots but don’t have the time to devote to them, or among people who want to avoid the crowds at the casino. The beauty of scratch cards is that they’re quick and easy to play, and they don’t require a lot of training or practice to be successful. What’s not to like?

Golf Scratch Cards is one of the better known and most popular variations of the scratch card game, and it takes the concept of betting on golf and makes it easier for you to win. Instead of betting on a single event like your golf score, like you would with traditional scratch cards, you bet on the cumulative score of several golfers. This increases the volatility of the game, which is always a good thing. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even bet on which shot each member of the group will miss during a golf game.

E-Sports Golf

If you’re a big sports fan and you follow professional sports closely, you might have heard of eSports Golf. It’s an evolution of the game where individuals or professional teams compete against one another in a series of golf matches. The games are usually between two and four hours, and they’re completely free for all players. The object is to sink as much golf ball into a hole as you can, while making sure your opponent doesn’t get the same idea and hit the green in the same direction. It’s essentially team golf, but with a twist. The strategy element makes it very different from traditional golf, and it’s a game that even those who suck at golf can have some fun with.

Triple Play Horse Racing

You’ll often hear people say that they’ve never met a horse person that didn’t like sports, and that’s probably because many of them play sports themselves. Triple Play Horse Racing combines the excitement of sports with the unpredictability of betting on the outcome of those games. Just like with Scratch Cards, you’re betting on the cumulative scores of several horses or dogs in a race. However, in this case you’re not just betting on whether they’ll win or lose, but also how many laps they’ll cover. The first person to reach three laps wins the game. The advantage of this variation is that you can’t get easily discouraged by a series of losses, because you’re only losing money you’d eventually gain back anyway. Like all of the games we mentioned so far, this one is a great choice for people who want to play the slots and don’t have the time to practice, but also want to avoid casinos. It also works really well for people who want to make quick money without having to spend a lot of effort.

The list of variations and alternatives for golf gambling could go on and on, but these four games should be enough to get you started. What do you think? Can you beat the computer at any of these games? Is there a game that you think that people in general, but specifically those who suck at golf should try? Leave us a comment below and let us know!