What is the Right Time to Bet on a Favorite?

Bets on sports are a way of life in the United States. The 2019 Super Bowl, for example, had a whopping $128.8 million dollar total payout. That’s a lot of money to waste on a game! But, it’s a popular and profitable pastime, which has led to a cottage industry of online sportsbooks that cater to American sports fans.

The U.S. Constitution protects the right to play sports, but it doesn’t protect the right to bet on sports. This leads to a bit of a quandary for sports fans who want to participate in wagering but don’t want to run afoul of the law. The best option is to find ways to legally do it, which thankfully, many online sportsbooks have figured out.

The Need For Legislative Action

The best option for U.S. sports fans who want to wager but don’t want to get caught is to find a way to do it legally. Fortunately, many states have seen fit to pass legislation that allows for legal sports gambling, which means that U.S. citizens can now gamble on their favorite sporting events as long as they are in a legal state. This has opened up lucrative opportunities for sports bettors who want to make a living off their passion.

While the Constitution doesn’t protect the right to bet on sports, several states have passed legislation that does. This means that fans who live in those states can now legally wager on their favorite teams. The best part about this is that it doesn’t require much effort to find a legal betting site that accepts players from your state. All you need to do is choose a state that allows for legal gambling, and then you’re good to go. There are also many states that allow for some form of legal gambling, but don’t necessarily offer sportsbooks. That means that, despite the fact that betting on sports is legal in your state, you won’t have much luck if you’re looking for a site that takes U.S. players.

Which States Allow For Legal Gambling?

According to the International Gaming Industry Association (www.tigeamerica.com), there are currently 30 U.S. states that allow for some form of legal gambling. That means that if you’re living in one of those states and want to wager on sports, you’re going to have to look for ways to do it illegally. Thankfully, the legality of sports gambling has made it possible for online sportsbooks to flourish, which means that you don’t have to do much more than choose a state that allows for legal gambling and you’re good to go.

How Can I Find Out Whether Or Not My State Allows For Legal Gambling?

You can simply find out whether or not your state allows for legal gambling by performing a simple internet search. You’ll then find an FAQ section, which will have the answer to your question. Some of these FAQs will even have links to relevant state websites, which you can use to find out the current laws pertaining to gambling in your state (and eventually, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can visit one of these websites and place a bet yourself!). Alternatively, you can also contact your state’s gambling commission and ask them whether or not gambling is currently legal in your state.

Is Illegal Gambling Ever A Problem?

Although it isn’t officially legal in most states, there is an exception: Nevada. In Nevada, gambling is legal, but certain kinds of gambling, like sportsbooks and online poker, are considered illegal activities. This means that, in Nevada, you can’t actually wager on most sports, and you have to play poker at Indian casinos, whose rules frequently change, or at least set with the intention of cheating players.

The situation in Nevada was made particularly complicated because, at least until 2018, the state also operated a lottery. This lottery’s profits were then used to fund various public programs, including education and healthcare. It was thought that this double funding might lead to corruption. Additionally, because Nevada is such a small state, it is easy for law enforcement officials to keep an eye on suspected criminal activity. This makes it simpler for them to investigate and prosecute wrongdoers, which has led to numerous arrests and hefty prison sentences.

Are There Any Other Options?

Yes, there are other options. For example, Delaware allows for some forms of legal gambling, including casinos and horse betting, but they don’t offer online sportsbooks. This means that if you live in Delaware, you’d have to go to a physical location to have any kind of luck at all in wagering. Additionally, if you visit a physical location in Delaware to place a bet, you may not be able to leave the state with your earnings. This is because, although the state allows for legal gambling, it doesn’t allow for online gambling. So, in order to have any kind of luck at all, you’d have to physically go to a casino in Delaware to place your wager. After you’ve placed your wager, you’d then have to drive back home, where you could find many different ways to lose again.

A couple of other options include New Jersey and Pennsylvania. New Jersey allows for casinos and horse racing, but not for sports betting. Pennsylvania allows for the same, with the exception of college athletics. This means that, in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you can’t place bets on most professional sports, only on college teams and events. For those hoping to legally wager on sports, these two states are probably not going to be the best places to do it. However, for those who aren’t looking to gamble on sports but just want to participate in wagering (i.e. fantasy sports), New Jersey and Pennsylvania might be a good option.

Final Takeaway

One of the best things about legal gambling in the U.S. is that it offers sports fans the opportunity to participate in wagering and enjoy the game as much as anyone else. Additionally, it offers a way for fans to profit from their passions, which wouldn’t be possible if sports were illegal. Whether you’re a diehard sports fan who wants to legally wager or you’re looking for ways to participate in fantasy sports, you’ll have no trouble finding an online sportsbook that takes U.S. players.