How to Bet on When Trump Will Drop a Nuke? – The Ultimate Guide to Betting on Vegas Odds

People always ask me, “So, when is Donald Trump going to drop a nuke?”

Great question! Let me give you a simple answer: It depends on the odds. You see, there are actually a few different ways for Trump to drop a nuke. And, as crazy as it sounds, the odds determine which one he will probably do first.

The Collapse Of The USSR

The first way Trump could drop a nuke is quite literally the end of the world as we know it. For decades, nearly every country on earth has been in a state of nuclear terror, fearing the worst from Russia or China. Now that the Cold War is officially over, the world’s biggest nuclear powers have been forced to work together to maintain peace.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the number of countries with nuclear weapons has dwindled from 20 to just six. This includes North Korea, which has actually tested nuclear weapons twice since Trump took office in January 2017.

The odds of this happening are quite high. If you want to place a wager on it, you should probably avoid North Korea and place your bet on the USA and Russia. Trump has already proven he is not afraid to stand up to Putin and the odds are pretty good that we will continue to see some sort of arms race in the near future.

Iran Gets Nuked

The nuclear nightmare scenario for Trump enthusiasts comes from Iran. Back in 2016, one of Donald Trump’s biggest campaign promises was to “tear up” the Iran nuclear deal. Since then, he has been trying to do just that, but the other signatories to the deal – Britain, France, and Germany – have refused to back down. In fact, they have continued to support the agreement and warned Trump that failing to do so could “endanger peace.”

The odds of this happening are actually pretty high. If you want to back a winner here, you should probably avoid the USA and place your money on Russia or China. The chances of a direct war between these two massive nuclear powers are slim, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any skirmishes along the way.

North Korea Prepares For A Nuclear Attack

One of the most terrifying scenarios for Trump supporters is undoubtedly North Korea. Last year, the Korean Peninsula was on the verge of war after Trump took office and began issuing threats of a “fire and fury”-style nuclear attack. Thankfully, cooler heads (including Kim Jong-un’s) prevailed and the U.S. and North Korea began pursuing warmer relationships. Now that the two countries are talking, there is reason to be optimistic that a peaceful resolution is possible.

Of course, this depends on how you want to bet. If you want to back a winner, you should probably avoid North Korea and lay your money on the USA. Not only is Trump not actively pursuing a nuclear weapons program, but North Korea has been explicitly begging for economic relief. Short sellers have even started focusing on North Korea as a potential short opportunity, likely because they feel the odds are so heavily in favor of a major war.

The USA Drops A Nuke

This is the scenario that everyone dreams about. The USA gets attacked by a foreign power, presumably because we were stupid enough to think that we could actually compete with China and Russia on an equal playing field. In response, Trump orders a retaliatory strike that wipes out the enemy and secures our position as the greatest country in the world. Of course, this is all completely hypothetical, but it sets the stage for the best case scenario – the USA winning the Cold War and becoming the sole arbiter of global power.

Unfortunately, odds are quite high that this will never happen. There are already tensions with Iran, North Korea, and Russia, but those are relatively low-level skirmishes compared to what most people deem “realistic.” Even if the USA manages to hold together as a political entity (which is far from guaranteed), there’s no way we could maintain military superiority over all comers. China and Russia have far too much money, manpower, and technology at their disposal for the USA to defeat them in a conventional war.

As odd as it may seem, the most likely scenario for a Trump-induced apocalypse is one that he hasn’t even mentioned yet. In fact, the odds of this scenario are actually quite high. If you want to back a winner here, you should probably avoid the USA and lay your money on – you guessed it – Russia or China.

The USA Shuts Down

Thanks to the efforts of some very motivated people, the USA has become somewhat of a showcase for green energy. With the help of companies like Tesla, solar power has become so affordable that even the poor can afford to go green. However, with Trump’s tariffs and budget cuts, many companies have been forced to cut back on their renewable energy efforts. In fact, last year was the first time in years that the USA exported more electricity than we imported.

If the green energy industry continues on its current trajectory, then this could spell the end for fossil fuels and huge amounts of pollution that come with them. The energy industry will have to adapt or face extinction. After all, if Trump continues to ignore science and the environment, then who will be left to save them?

Prediction: This One Is Definitely In The Works

I wish I could say that I have some clever way of knowing which of these scenarios is going to happen, but I’m really not that lucky. For now, all I can say is that I’m very much looking forward to watching Trump’s nuclear program unfold before my very eyes.

Which scenario do you think is the most likely to occur? Let us know in the comments below!