What Does 3/10 Mean?

While some people may still think that a quarter of an hour or less is sufficient to prepare a three-course dinner for family and friends, most households will happily spend a good portion of the day cooking and baking for large gatherings and parties.

Hosting an event means spending more time in the kitchen than usual, and the ovens and burners will be fired up more frequently than usual too. This is why, when planning events, it’s important to consider the types of food and drink that you’ll need to accommodate the different tastes of your guests. If you’re running an event for family and friends, you may want to consider preparing classic American dishes such as hot dogs, potato salad and barbeque, in addition to more elaborate fare like lobster, caviar and champagne salads. (You’ll find some great recipes for all of these dishes on this site!)

How Many Guests Will You Have?

When it comes to dinner parties, the number of guests you’ll have will depend on a number of things. For starters, how long do you have to prepare? Will you be making a big pot of chili or roasted vegetables? Do you have a specific menu in mind or are you winging it?

These are important questions to ask yourself because they will ultimately determine how many guests you’ll have. If you’re cooking for a small group of neighbors or family members, you may want to consider extending one of their dinner parties and serving your delicious creations in small bites. This way, everyone can stay seated and enjoy a leisurely meal. Or, if you’re pressed for time, you might want to cut some corners and serve dessert first and then the meal. This will enable you to tidy up and serve the food more quickly, which is essential if you want to make sure that your guests are satisfied by the end of the meal. (You may also consider using disposable table clothes and serving trays instead of real plates and silverware, just to make it easier to tidy up and serve the food in a hurry. The choice is up to you!)

What Style Of Entertainment Do You Prefer?

Another thing that determines how many guests you’ll have at your dinner party is the type of entertainment you prefer. If you have a group of friends who love to laugh and tell jokes, you may want to consider having them over for a dramatic reading session before dinner. Or, if you have a budding thespian within your group, you may want to put on a play for your guests. (By the way, if you don’t have a budding thespian in your group, now is the time to become a part of one!)

With all of these options available, you may be over-whelmed about what to prepare for your next get-together. Relax! There’s no need to have a perfect dinner party as long as you invite the right people. Your friends and family may not all like the same types of food, so you’ll have to decide before you start cooking what kinds of meal you’ll serve.

Now is the time to start having fun and getting creative with your menu planning. Don’t forget to use Pinterest for inspiration too! And when you’re ready to cook, do it early in the day so that it’s hot and waiting when your guests arrive.