Who Will Win the UK Election?

It is no secret that the UK is heading for a general election. A series of recent polls have suggested that the country is on the brink of chaos, with the opposition Labour party in the lead and Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party floundering.

While the political situation is chaotic, one thing is for certain – the UK is one of the most important countries for global political betting. With voting taking place on Thursday, 8 June, interest in the general election is at an all-time high. Will Corbyn and Labour triumph, crushing the Conservatives? Or will May’s party scrape a win, keeping its majority in Parliament?

Theresa May’s Conservatives Are In Disarray

Theresa May’s Conservatives are in disarray. Just a few weeks ago, they confidently expected to cruise to victory in the upcoming election. Since then, a series of scandals have rocked the party, leading to a number of resignations. While the Prime Minister has insisted that her colleagues must remain “united and strong”, the cracks are beginning to show.

May is well aware of the damage her government has suffered. She recently acknowledged the scale of the task now facing her party. “It is perfectly clear that our relationship with the public is now seriously undermined,” she said. “We need to win back the trust they once had in politics and in the Conservative Party.”

The Prime Minister’s problems stem from within her own party. A string of high-profile Conservative MPs have resigned in recent weeks over disagreements with Theresa May about her Brexit plans. Just this week, former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and prominent backbencher Dominic Raab both threw their hats into the ring to replace May, if she failed to fulfil her campaign promises. The pair are now battling it out in a bid to be the next Conservative leader.

Theresa May’s problems are all the more remarkable when you consider her party is currently in power. Traditionally, the Conservatives have been the party of stability, winning every election for the past hundred years. Yet in 2019, this is far from the case. The party is in urgent need of reform and renewal. These elections could see the beginning of the end for Theresa May’s short-lived ministry. It is, in other words, more than a little chaotic.

Corbynomics Vs Mayism

Theresa May’s party is up against a much easier opponent this year. Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is benefiting from an incredible wave of support, with the party polling at its highest levels since 1992. Its leader, Jeremy Corbyn has made a series of political manifesto pledges – from renationalising the railways and utilities to banning zero-hour contracts and raising taxes on the wealthy. It’s a clear message to voters – the party is promising to improve their lives. The question is whether or not voters want to see the party take control.

Whichever party wins the election on Thursday, voters in the UK can expect to see a huge impact. Not just on the political landscape, but also on their daily lives. The economy, however, will be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Especially as the country prepares for a no-deal Brexit on 12 June. The Prime Minister has repeatedly said that her priority is to “deliver the best possible Brexit for the UK” and that she will not allow any election promises to get in the way of this. This election is about much more than who will become the next Prime Minister.

Who will come out on top in the UK election? We will bring you all the key info and stats you need to make a betting decision, including key historical election results, so stay glued to this column to find out!