Best Bets for the Biggest Underdogs Who Won

There are a lot of people who love a good underdog story. Whether it’s a sports team that nobody gave a chance in the first place or a Broadway show that flopped in its opening week but turned into a sensation, the general public seems to have a soft spot for underdogs. What if we told you there was a way for you to make easy money betting on the underdog? We’ve put together a list of top picks for races that most people had written off as hopeless cases and gave them a chance to prove the naysayers wrong. We’ll teach you a variety of ways to bet on these sports so you can take advantage of the public’s sympathy for the underdog. Let’s get started.

The 2019 NFL Season Predictions: Will Tom Brady Finally Retire?

One of the biggest stories heading into the 2019 NFL season was Tom Brady’s (TB12) impending retirement. The four-time Super Bowl champion announced in the offseason that he would be taking a break after this year’s season. Most experts outside of New England didn’t see it that way, as they projected the Patriots to lose several key players in an effort to replace Brady. The most popular pick among these experts was that TB12 would return for one last hurrah in 2019.

With Brady watching his grandchildren grow up in the stands instead of playing in the big game, the stage was set for a shocking turn of events. The Patriots struggled throughout the year, mostly due to unproven rookie Jacoby Braddock (JAC) assuming the starting role at quarterback. Even with a strong performance from rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins (DWA), the 2019 Patriots are still considered one of the worst teams in NFL history. On the bright side, those who had bet on the underdogs managed to walk away with some money, as the Patriots didn’t cover the spread in any of their 12 regular season games.

The underdogs had other good seasons, however. Quarterback Josh Allen (OAK) took the league by storm, leading the Browns to the playoffs for the first time in 12 years. Additionally, Baker Mayfield (CLE) helped the Browns go 3-1 in the clutch, while Kyler Murray (ARI) led the entire league in playoff passer rating.

Although the 2020 NFL season hasn’t started yet, we’re already looking ahead to 2021. Many experts predict that the Patriots will miss Brady more than ever, as the 42-year-old reportedly hasn’t given any indication that he might want to return to football. This means the Patriots will have to turn to Haskins, a relatively unknown signal-caller who performed well in the preseason.

Will Drake Vs. Meghan Trainor Sing It At The 2020 Grammy Awards?

The Recording Academy had some of the biggest winners and biggest losers at the 2020 Grammy Awards. One of the biggest Grammy losers was Drake (DRAKE), whose Best New Artist nomination was voided after it was discovered that he had failed to submit the album credits for his debut album, Scorpion. To make matters worse, Drake was nominated in the same category as a group called Maroon 5, whose member, Adam Levine, won for Best Male Solo Performance for his single, Happiest. As if that weren’t bad enough, Drake was paired up with someone even more hated than he is, Meghan Trainor (TRAINOR). The best part is that the two were paired up against each other in a “greatest hits” song-off. Here’s how you can bet on the outcome of that rivalry:

If you want to bet that Drake will beat Meghan Trainor at the Grammy Awards, you should place a bet on the underdogs, as the rapper is currently the favorite to win the Grammy award for Best Regional Roots Music Album. If you want to bet that Megan Trainor will beat Drake at the Grammy Awards, you should bet on the favorites, as the singer is currently the 6/4 favorite to win best new artist. If you want to bet that the two will sing an epic battle ballad at the Grammy Awards, you should place a bet on the underdogs, as they are both country music singers and therefore have a natural rivalry. If you want to bet that Megan Trainor will win the Grammy Award for best new artist, you should lay odds of 7/2 or 8/1, as there are several other contenders in the category, including Ed Sheeran (SNOOPDY), Justin Bieber (DJBERBUIER), and Bruno Mars (BRUNOMARSH).

Will BTS Take Home The Grammy For Album Of The Year?

While Drake and Meghan Trainor were fighting it out at the 2020 Grammys, BTS (BTS) were winning album of the year. The South Korean boy band took home the award for Best Pop Vocal Album for their sixth studio album, Map Of The Soul, which also won the band their second Grammy. It was their first nomination for the album of the year award and first nomination for the group.

BTS took home the award for album of the year despite fierce competition. Their competitors included Travis Scott (TRVSC), who won the award for his album, Astroworld; Mark Ronson (MRONSON), who won for Uptown Special; and Khalid (KHALEED), who won for Free World. The latter two were both nominated for their song “Young, Free And Single” featuring Beyoncé (BEYONCÉ), while BTS’s own “Map Of The Soul” was also nominated. It’s fair to say that BTS had a phenomenal year and proved that even though they’re Korean, they can compete with the best in the world. We wouldn’t be surprised if they win again.

How Will Lady Gaga And Childish Gambino’s Solo Performances Fare At The Grammys?

There were a lot of surprises at the 2020 Grammy Awards. One of the biggest was Lady Gaga’s (AGA) performance of her song “Shallow” live on stage. Gaga was joined by the members of her live band, The Bearded Ladies, as she serenaded the audience and brought down the house. While Gaga’s previous solo performances had been memorable, this one topped them all. The performance won her the award for Best Pop Solo Performance and proved once and for all that Gaga is more than just a one-hit wonder. She is an artist in her own right and is not just limited to singing songs from her latest album (this year’s Super Bowl season is themed after her album, Joanne).

Another big surprise at the Grammys was Childish Gambino’s (GAMBINO) performance, which he touted as his “rap opera”, Redbone. Gambino, who is known for his outrageous comedy videos and popular meme-created characters, shocked viewers by making them laugh and crying at the same time. He performed the song entirely live, backed by a 14-person orchestra and chorus and received a standing ovation from the crowd. While we’ve seen Gambino bring his unique brand of comedy to the stage before, this was the first time that the audience got to see his incredible singing voice. It’s safe to say that Redbone is going to be a standout in his catalog.

Will Travis Scott And Juice WRLD Finally Collab On An Album?

It wasn’t just the Grammys that had a few upsets this year. Juice WRLD (WRLD), who is one of the biggest names in hip-hop right now, fell victim to one of his own records. The New Orleans rapper’s album, Voicemeo, which was released last year, was nominated for best rap album, and he ended up losing to his close friend, Travis Scott (SCOTTIE).

Even though they are best friends, it seems like Travis Scott hasn’t always been able to pull the strings in WRLD’s album releases. The two rappers collaborated on several tracks for Voicemeo, but it wasn’t enough to save the album from being beaten by Scottie’s Astroworld. That album won best rap album, while Voicemeo was nominated for best R & B Album. It’s looking like Travis Scott will have to settle for being the king of hip-hop for just one night.

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