The Browns in Betting What Does -2.5 Mean?

I hope everyone had a nice and safe Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Hopefully, you enjoyed some time off work and were able to spend some quality time with your loved ones. The Browns did not, as they had to play in the NFL Championship on Christmas Day. They lost that game by a score of 20-34. Even though the Browns were not able to enjoy the festivities with their loved ones, they still had a great Christmas. The question is: What does -2.5 mean …

NFL betting odds are now available and they have the Browns at -2.5 to win the Super Bowl. This is actually a very good price for the Browns, especially since other online sportsbooks have them listed at a much bigger number. You would think that, with the way the Cleveland Browns have been playing football this season, they would be a shoo-in for the Super Bowl. But, the betting public is probably still shell-shocked from the way the season ended. The Browns only won three of their last 13 games and had a losing record in their other 10, so most people probably still think that, although they are a very good team, the outcome of the season was highly questionable. And that is exactly what the -2.5 odds mean. The public is probably not yet convinced that the Browns are actually capable of beating the superior San Francisco 49ers.

What Should I Do?

The smart money would be on the Browns. I mean, think about it, they have an excellent head coach in Josh McDaniels and their defense has been playing extremely well. The San Francisco 49ers are no slouches either and are missing their quarterback and, potentially, their leader on that side of the ball. It would not be a shock if the Browns won the Super Bowl. Especially since the 49ers have already beaten them this season.

The odds are in their favor, and unless you have some inside information that the Browns will not want to share, it is probably a good idea to put your money where your mouth is and back their winner bet. Or, at least, you can lay a very small wager. The worst that can happen with the Browns winning the Super Bowl is that you lose a little bit of money. But, if they win, you could be looking at a big win.

The other option is to lay the bet …just don’t tell anyone that you are laying the bet …on the 49ers. This way, if the Browns lose, you can always claim that you were just backing a winner. You certainly did not have a hand in this one. And who knows? Maybe next year will be the year that the Browns finally end their drought and bring a championship to Cleveland.