Final Fantasy 7 How Does Betting on Chocobo Races Work?

With the recent release of Final Fantasy 7 on Nintendo Switch and the impending release of Final Fantasy 8, it’s a good time to brush up on our gaming knowledge. Final Fantasy was one of the greats of the 8-bit era and still is one of the most popular and influential games of all time. One of the most iconic elements of the game is the chocobo, the little bird-like creatures that you can ride and battle on. We thought it would be fun to look into how the betting system for the chocobo races works in Final Fantasy 7 and if it is at all like how it works in real life.

How Does Betting on Chocobo Races Work?

When you first boot up Final Fantasy 7 you will see a quick tutorial on how to play the game. After you’ve gone through the basics you’ll find yourself in the main menu. To the left you’ll see a list of items and actions you can perform. One of the first things you’ll notice is a tab marked ‘Betting’ at the top. The purpose of this tab is to set up your betting screen. The game will remember your last betting selection and place a flag next to it, as seen on the right. When you load your game you’ll see text describing the current odds for each betting option. This makes it easy for you to select which options you prefer and creates instant betting lines for the next player.

Chocobo racing first appeared in Final Fantasy 7 as a way to make money. The races are fast and furious, with bets placed not only on the event itself but also on the animal’s form, weight, color and how many times they will chirp. When you enter a wagering event you will see four chocobos in a grid. They will all be racing against each other and the first to cross the finish line wins. The trick is in picking the right amount to bet on each event; if you bet double digits on one chocobo you will lose a lot, but if you bet a penny on each one you may not win much at all. You cannot win big by betting small either, as the house always takes a chunk out of the pot. If you want to win big you should always back a winner or a very strong contender, otherwise you’ll lose money fast.

The Basics Of Chocobos And The ChocoBank

If you’ve played Final Fantasy 7 or have even seen it mentioned on social media, you’ll know that it is a very collectible game. Not only does it continue to grow in popularity each year, but the demand for memorabilia is high. One of the ways gamers have collected over the years is by trading and buying chocobos. These little creatures have become prized possessions and are often displayed on shelves or desks as a sign of prestige. The craze for chocobos even led to a betting pool where users could place bets on the price rise of a single chocolate chicken in 2020.

Chocobos are not just limited to decorative or collector’s value, however. There is actually an in-game use for these little creatures; they can be trained to do things for you. When you reach level 10 in the game you will be able to sponsor a chocobo for training. You will be able to choose from a variety of tasks, which the animal will perform for you, ranging from racing to shooting water from your fingertips to pecking at enemies.

As your chocobo levels up, it will gain experience and eventually reach level 30. This makes it eligible to join the Chocobo Racing Club. When you reach this point you will receive an invitation in the mail to join the club and receive special perks, such as gold membership prices, in-game gifts and new tasks to train your chocobo on. Joining this club will also allow you to participate in the Grand Festival, which is held every five years and is one of the main events in the game.

Racing Is Dangerous

One of the things that make Chocobo Racing so interesting is that there is always some danger involved. You can bet on the outcome of a race and if they are dangerous or not, but it is also possible that the animal you bet on may be injured during the race. This not only voids the win but also makes it very difficult to bet on that particular event again. As a result, there is always a degree of risk involved with wagering on these races. If you’re looking to make quick money it may not be the best idea to take this risk, but if you’re feeling adventurous and want to experience something new, then chocobo racing is the place to be. Just remember that injuries and death are possibilities, so you may not want to do this if you’re not prepared for the possible consequences.

Which Chocobo Races Should You Watch?

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the Weekly Chocobo Race, as this is the only one where you don’t have to place a bet to watch. Every Friday at 12 p.m. EST the four chocobos that are tied for first place at the end of the last race will duke it out to determine the weekly champion. If you’re into spectacle, this is the one race to catch, as the combatants are usually some of the fastest chocobos around at the time. The battle itself is usually brutal and can result in injuries and even death, as you might imagine if you’re playing on a console or using an emulator.

There is also the Special Weekly Chocobo Race, where only the very best of the best are allowed to participate. These are the races where you’ll need to be prepared to place a bet to even see them, as they are generally restricted to higher-stakes players and involve very high-quality chocobos. If speed is your thing and you want to experience unbridled fury, these weekly special events are where you want to be. The fights are even more brutal than the standard ones and can result in serious injuries and damage. If you’re feeling particularly aggressive, you could take part in these events and place a large wager on the outcome. Who knows, you might just win big!

If you like trying new things and want to take a different approach to making money, you could participate in the Grand Festival. This is an event that is held every five years and allows you to participate as a spectator for a competition of sorts. The entries are restricted to the top-rated chocobos in the country at the time and you can place wagers on the outcome of the fights. If you’re feeling extra adventurous and want to take a different approach to making money, you could also enter a competition where you need to beat the reigning champion in a fight to win the tournament. These are just a few of the ways you can participate in chocobo racing, but there are many others. You could also go old-school and play the ponies in a race against another player. The options are endless!

Is It Like Basketball, Baseball And Football?

One of the things that makes sports so interesting is the fact that there are so many different versions of them. While it is generally accepted that betting on sports is similar to betting on games, there are a few differences. For example, in sports like American football and basketball, the action mostly takes place on the ground or on a hardwood court, respectively. In soccer, the play is usually in the air and can transition almost seamlessly from one goal to another. This makes it very difficult to score and even more difficult to predict the outcome of a game. For this reason, it is generally not a good idea to bet on sports. At least, not directly.

Although they are not a good idea to bet on directly, you could make money in a variety of ways in sports. For example, a lot of games today include bets on whether a player will catch a ball or hit a homerun. In hockey, you could bet on which team will score the first goal or which player on that team will score a hat trick. It’s all about the strategy and how you utilize stats and information to make the right guess. With sports betting you are not directly participating in the action but you are still getting in on the action, albeit indirectly.