First Team Clean Sheet Means What in Betting Tip

It was with some excitement that I opened up my sportsbook account on Saturday morning and saw a winning streak of 12 bets in a row. The bets were all placed on the First Team Clean Sheet market, and all were winners. While the point spread for the Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers game didn’t move at all, the over/under for the number of goals scored in the game did. The over/under moved from 3.5 goals to 3, then down to 2.5 goals, and finally to 2 goals, which is exactly what I predicted. This 12-game winning streak is a record for me, and it’s all thanks to the First Team Clean Sheets on which I’ve been placing my bets. Who knows, with constant winning there may even be a chance at some free sportsbooks if you’re not careful! Here’s a shortlist of the reasons why the First Team Clean Sheet is such a popular betting option among bettors:

Highly Confidence-inspiring

When you have confidence in your team, you don’t need to bet on the over/under. Even if you think the team will lose, you can still place a wager on them and feel confident in your pick. On the flip side, when you don’t have confidence in your team, you should always go with the over/under. It may not be the most popular choice among sports bettors, but it’s the safest choice as far as risk-reward is concerned.

Locks In Profit If Your Pick Loses

One of the reasons why the under/over for total goals in a game is popular is because it locks in the profit if your pick hits. You can’t lose money on a pick if it wins, but you can still lose money if the goal total is lower than you anticipated. For example, if you bet $120 on the Seahawks and they win by 1 goal, you win $160. If the game ends in a tie, you break even.

Protects Against Big Surprises

One of the appeals of the under/over is that it protects you against big surprises. If you bet on the under, you ensure that your team doesn’t blowout your favorite team by more than 2 touchdowns or more than 2 goals. Of course, if your favorite team scores more than twice as many points as you predicted, you’ll regret choosing the under, but at least you know you didn’t lose much money.

Most Popular Betting Option At This Point

Let’s take a quick look at wagers placed on this year’s Super Bowl. According to Sportwatcher, a company that tracks statistical data on sports betting, about 28% of the bets placed during the month of January were on the First Team Clean Sheet, with 20% placed on the Over/Under for total goals in this year’s Super Bowl. It’s clear that many bettors are choosing this option because they’re confident that the Seattle Seahawks will beat the Green Bay Packers.

Safe Betting Option

One of the reasons why the First Team Clean Sheet is such a popular option among bettors is because it’s considered one of the safer bets. The over/under for total goals in a game is the most popular option among casual sports bettors, but it is considered relatively risky. When you put down that $2 to $5 on the over/under, you are essentially betting that the total number of goals will be closer to what you think it will be than what the bookmaker thinks it will be. If you’re going to place a wager on the game, it is recommended that you go with the First Team Clean Sheet, since you’re getting a feeling for how the game is going to unfold and don’t have to risk getting whipsawed by a surprise score.