How to Play 3X4X5 Pdds in Craps

The latest craps game to hit the market is the 3X4X5 Pdd (3 to 4 players). The game has four main betting areas per player, so you’re essentially placing four bets per shooter. It’s a popular game for social gatherings, as people love to play while enjoying each other’s company.

If you’re new to gaming, or are just looking to play recreationally, you should opt for a simpler game. Even then, though, you should be aware of the mathematics behind the game. Otherwise, you might find yourself betting against the house frequently. The only way to win big is by hitting the big-numbered numbers, and you’ll definitely lose big if you don’t understand the odds.

Let’s examine how to play 3X4X5 Pdds in more detail.

The Mathematics of 3X4X5 Craps

To give you a better understanding of the odds, here’s a quick review of some of the basics of probability.

  • Odds are always expressed as a fraction, such as 3/2 for craps. The smaller the fraction, the higher the odds of winning. In this case, if you bet $10, you’ll win $30 with three dice. $2 on a single roll of the dice.
  • The odds of something happening is always expressed with an over-under line. In this case, the over is 3.5 and the under is 2.5. The line is posted by the bookmaker as soon as the betting opens, and it stays in place until the match is settled. So, in the example above, if you bet $10 on red, you’ll win $30. If you hit a black, you’ll lose your $10 bet. If you get two blacks, you’ll lose $20 (because the under was 2.5). But if you get two reds, you’ll win $40. So, if you want to maximize your winnings, you should opt for the red side.
  • The more risky (or less conservative) the bet, the higher the potential for profit. So if you’re feeling brave, go for the pass (or come up) side of the dice. You might hit on a royal flush, which would be spectacular. But more likely, you’ll end up with a small win or loss. However, the risk is always there.
  • Try to avoid going against the “money line”. For instance, if you have $100 to play with and you bet $10 on the pass line, you’ll win $30. But if you bet $10 on the come-up side, you’ll lose your $100. Most bookmakers don’t allow you to reverse a money line bet, so it’s usually a no-win situation. Consider those bets that are listed as “push”s or “straight”s. If you hit on one of those, you’ll win just what you bet. But, again, the risk is always present.
  • The casino’s edge is a combination of the above. With the house’s advantage and your lack of knowledge in probability, you have a recipe for frequent losses. It’s always a good idea to stick with the simple bets if you’re playing for fun.

How To Play The 3X4X5 Craps

Once you have a good understanding of the odds, you can start playing the game. Here’s how you do it.

  • First, decide how many players you’ll be using. In this case, four players will be taking turns wagering. Each player will be betting $10 in turn, so initially you’ll have $40 to wager. It’s important to keep in mind the maximum bet per person when playing with more than one person.
  • After the first round (or, in this case, after the fourth person has placed his bet), the dealer will pick up the dice and huddle them together. He’ll then throw them down, and everyone will watch them roll. After they settle, the dealer will call out the numbers.
  • The object is to win the majority of the bets you make. So, if you want to try for a royal flush, you should bet on the red side of the dice. But, if you want to maximize your winnings, go for the come-up side.
  • When the bets are placed, the dealer will shake the dice and gather them together. He’ll then throw them down, and everyone will watch them roll. After they settle, the dealer will call out the numbers.
  • The above steps are identical for each player. So, once the betting has started, the dealer will call out the numbers and the players will respond with their bets. The only difference will be in the outcome. In most cases, the player with the highest number wins. However, there are some quirky rules that can mess up the math a bit.

Reducing The House Edge

To create a better playing environment for everyone, the casino resorts will sometimes reduce the house edge. In most cases, they’ll do this with a twist. Instead of three coins, they’ll use six. Instead of three dice, they’ll use a different type of dice with different numbers on each side. Basically, they want to even the playing field as much as possible. So, if you’re ever playing on a casino site, keep an eye out for these types of perks.

Reducing The House Edge With A Perk

One of the ways the casinos try to reduce the house edge is by offering special perks for certain games. One of the most famous ones is the bonus roll for roulette games. Most casinos will give you an extra roll of the dice when you play roulette. So, instead of having to make regular bets (which adds up over time), you’ll only have to make one massive wager when you opt for the bonus roll. But, remember, the house still takes a cut of your winnings (usually 20 percent or 30 percent).

Final Takeaway

In the end, the odds always favor the house. So, even when you play fair and follow all the rules, you’ll still lose most of the time. The important thing to do is learn how to play the game effectively. By placing simple bets and avoiding complicated ones (like the money line), you can greatly minimize the house edge. But, until then, enjoy the occasional win while playing for fun.