How to Bet on Worms?

Bets on football, cricket, and rugby matches have become incredibly popular in recent years, with the world of sports offering the perfect backdrop for anyone interested in placing a wager on a sporting result. But, if you’re looking to bet on some other type of game, where do you start? What sort of places accept wagers on other types of sports events?

Thankfully, there are a number of alternatives available, and if you’re thinking about placing a wager on some form of earth-boring game, you can do so with complete confidence. Here are some of the best places to bet on worms (as well as some useful information about what type of odds you’ll get if you do so!).


The land down under is perhaps the place that gets the most press whenever sports betting is discussed, with a huge variety of sports available for betting with a range of betting sites keeping sports fans entertained. In the land down under, you’ll find a variety of betting options, including betting on which college football team will win the National Football Conference (NFC) East division this year. The NFC East is within the National Football Conference (NFL), and the betting odds for this specific game are often among the best in the world.

There are also a number of smaller Australian states that don’t offer much in the way of gambling, but that doesn’t mean that sports fans are entirely without options. If you want to wager on sports in Australia, you’ll need to do so online, as traditional sports books are unable to provide odds for online wagers. The good news is that there are a variety of online betting sites providing Aussie sports fans with all the odds they need to place wagers, easily and quickly. Just remember that Australian sports betting regulations are somewhat different to those in other parts of the world, so do some research before committing to any online wager. For instance, wagering on football is legal for Australian players, but it’s not allowed for residents of New South Wales. That being said, it’s legal for players and employees of the teams participating in the game, as well as for anyone else located in the territory of Queensland. For more information, you can check the Australian Gambling Regulation Commission’s website, which provides helpful guidelines for Australian players seeking to place wagers online or at brick-and-mortar locations.


It wouldn’t be a complete list of where to bet on worms without including Canada, one of the places where sports betting was actually made legal for residents back in the 1950s. Since then, the Canadian government has maintained a hands-off approach to sports betting, preferring instead to focus its (legal) energy on marijuana, with which it has also cultivated a healthy relationship (legal or otherwise).

That being said, Canadian residents are still flummoxed as to how to bet on sports, and while there are a number of legal sites catering to the needs of Canadian sports fans, many prefer to place their bets illegally, outside of Canada, where the legal restrictions that surround sports betting are less stringent.

To that end, a number of offshore betting sites, such as Bookmaker and PaddyPower, offer a variety of sports options, including the ability to bet on worms. If you’re looking to make some cash off the season, you can place a bet on which Major League Soccer team will score the most goals this year, or perhaps which National Hockey League (NHL) team will have the most wins this year. You can also place a bet on whether or not a certain cricket team will make the knock-out rounds of a tournament (they probably will), or whether or not a certain golf star will finish in the top-10 of a tournament (he probably won’t).

Just remember that illegal betting on sports is still a serious offense in Canada, and those implicated in such activities can be subject to criminal charges. So, if you’re thinking about committing an illegal act to make some quick cash off the season, you should probably steer clear of Canadian sports, especially if you’re located in another country. However, if you happen to be a legal Canadian resident, or if you’ve actually visited the country, you can legally place bets on a variety of sporting events.


Europe is home to some of the most popular sports teams in the world, with fans often willing to wager on their favorite sports teams. The continent is also the birthplace of football (more commonly referred to as soccer in North America), with Germany, Italy, and France leading the way in regard to football betting popularity. Germany is even host to the Super Bowl, one of the premier American sporting events, and many German football fans watch the game simply to place a wager on their team.

As with other parts of the world, Europe is divided over the legality of sports betting, with a number of countries, such as Spain, Italy, and Germany, banning the practice, and others, such as the UK, seeing it as a great way for fans to participate in sports. Since it isn’t necessarily illegal to bet on sports in these countries, fans must find ways to wager privately, outside of the mainstream. That being said, European countries that do allow sports betting typically operate under strict regulations, with punters needing to be residing in one of these countries and needing to place their bets on sporting events that take place within that country’s borders (ie: football matches between Spanish teams).

To that end, a variety of online bookmakers, such as Bet365, are popular among European sports fans, as they allow for easy, private wagering. If you’re located in one of the EU countries where online sports betting is legal (and have a PayPal account, as most online bookmakers do), you can use your PayPal account to make easy, private wagers on sports. This way, you won’t have to worry about finding Euros to bet with at a local casino or betting shop (although, it is certainly possible to do so).

For those located outside of the EU, it isn’t always possible to wager on sports, as most bookmakers will not offer bets for countries where they’re not based. In this case, you’ll have to find a way to get your hands on some Euros to bet with, possibly seeking help from an un-regulated sports bookie (often located in another country). But, even then, you should still be careful, as the nature of these unregulated bookies is that they may try to trick you (by charging you higher fees than those advertised, for example), so it’s always advisable to research the bookie online before making an appointment in person.


Asia is home to a variety of beautiful creatures, some of which can be found sporting profusely, and it’s this factor that makes it such a tempting place for bettors, particularly those seeking Asian handicap odds. It would be remiss not to include some information about where to bet on worms, given that this is one of the primary ways that people in this part of the world enjoy their leisure time. And, given that some Asian countries allow for legal betting, it makes for an ideal place for anyone wishing to wager on sports.

Depending on where you are in Asia, you might be able to wager on almost any type of game, but it’s important to do some research before placing a wager, especially if you’re located in a country where betting is illegal (in which case, you’re better off looking for illegal betting sites, as they may offer better odds and don’t have the same sort of restrictions that you’d find with a legal betting site). For example, it is technically illegal to bet on fights involving animals in Japan and the Philippines (in which case, you might want to avoid those sports and look for others where it’s legal), but you’d be surprised how many people in those countries wager on fights involving animals, simply because the betting odds are so good (and because it’s easy for people to get around the regulations).

To that end, a variety of underground websites exist that cater to the specific needs of Asian bettors. If you’re looking for handicap odds, there are a variety of sites that provide those as well, along with an excellent customer service department, which makes going through any sort of problem very easy. Most of these websites are available in a variety of languages, including Japanese and Chinese, making them accessible to even the most non-English speaking customers.

North America

There is certainly a reason why people in North America are so passionate about their sports teams, with the United States being the home of some of the most famous athletes in the world, and a variety of indoor and outdoor sports available throughout the year. If you’re located in one of the countries in North America where sports betting is legal, you can use your PayPal account to make easy, private wagers on sports.