How Come I Cant Use My Steam Account on CSGO Betting Sites?

I always use my Steam account to log into my games, but lately Ive been having trouble using it on CSGO betting sites. It keeps asking for my phone number, which I provide without question, only to be denied or given strange rates when I try to play. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a solution?

Im Not The Only One

Im not the only one having this issue, as many others have reported on Reddit that theyve had the same problem. Apparently CSGO betting sites are increasingly asking for mobile numbers to verify accounts, or at least that seems to be the problem. Ive even tried using a fake number, but it seems to make no difference. I always provide my real number, but at least CSGO betting sites shouldnt be asking for it. Its a security risk.

The Reason Im Stuck

As the reason for the issue, some CSGO betting sites are saying that they need to verify accounts manually and that they will get back to you with a verification code in 5 to 10 minutes. But there are others that claim that Steam accounts are totally fine and that they dont need to be verified at all. Ive tried a few and found that Steam accounts work fine on most CSGO betting sites, including 888sport, but on some sites like bet360, I seem to be having issues.

Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or does this issue seem to stem from CSGO betting sites wanting to obtain your personal information to offer superior customer services? Ive been trying to use Steam accounts on CSGO betting sites for years and Im always provided with a working account. Now that Ive noticed this issue, its become a point of irritation. Im looking for a solution that doesnt involve providing my personal information. I just want to play my Steam games on CSGO betting sites without issue.