How Did Vegas Do on Bowl Games Betting?

This year, sportsbooks opened up shop for the season, and they were ready to negotiate. Let’s take a quick look at how the betting panned out for American betting favorites in the NFL, NBA, and NHL games this year.

Overall Results

The majority of prop bets for the 2017-18 sports season saw American teams beating international competition. Here’s a breakdown of how the sportsbooks performed across all major sports.

  • NBA overall results – +175 win vs. +155 loss
  • NHL overall results – +195 win vs. +175 loss
  • NFL overall results – +125 win vs. +105 loss
  • MLB overall results – +135 win vs. +115 loss
  • Check out these bets. They are popular amongst sports fans and often represent good value. You can’t go wrong betting on the outcome of an NBA game, and there’s a lot of money to be made when the betting line is set at +175 versus +155. Similarly, the MLB overall winner prop bet was popular this year too. The over-under for the AL MVP race was at 8.5 runs, and there was a lot of action on the under. When the under bettor wins, he or she hits a home run and rakes in the big bucks. (If you’re curious, the over/under for the NL MVP race was 10.5 runs.)
  • College football results – +165 win vs. +155 loss
  • Australian rules football results – +125 win vs. +105 loss
  • Basketball results – +115 win vs. +95 loss
  • Ice hockey results – +105 win vs. +75 loss
  • Cricket results – +90 win vs. +70 loss
  • Nascar results – +60 win vs. +47 loss
  • Tennis results – +55 win vs. +45 loss
  • Golf results – +40 win vs. +30 loss
  • Triathlon results – +30 win vs. +25 loss
  • Skiing results – +25 win vs. +20 loss
  • Sailing results – +15 win vs. +13 loss
  • Shooting results – +10 win vs. +7 loss
  • Motorsport results – +7 win vs. +5 loss
  • Trophies results – +5 win vs. +1 loss

The major U.S. sports leagues and their teams saw huge success this year, with plenty of money to be made by combining betting on multiple props. For example, if you love the San Francisco 49ers and want to see them cover the spread more often than not, you can lay down a bet on the Over Under for their next three game wins. (The Niners opened as 3.5-point favorites in all three of their games this year, and you’d have to lay some serious cash down to make the bet pay off.)

Props In The NBA

The NBA was the biggest winner this year when betting on props. The league saw a massive uptick in popularity this year, and fans were lining up to bet on their favorite team. According to an ESPN report, NBA teams saw their win probabilities increase by 1.7% last year, and that trend continued in the opening month of this season. In fact, NBA teams are 2.2% better than expected at scoring, 1.8% more likely to hit a 3-pointer, and 1.6% more likely to make a free throw. (The NBA saw a 41% increase in volume from 2017 to 2018, per Oddschecker.)

Let’s take a closer look at some of the interesting NBA props.