How Do Betting Odds Work? Soccer

Odds, odds, always with you. Whether you want to bet on the Super Bowl or the World Cup final, you’ll find that the numbers don’t lie. Soccer (or ‘football’, as it’s more commonly known around the world) is one of the world’s favourite sports – and for good reason. It’s quick to learn, it’s easy to follow and above all, it’s exciting to bet on.

Follow along as we discuss the ins and outs of betting on soccer.

Betting On Soccer: Reasons To And Against It

The excitement surrounding a World Cup final lasts for days, and the betting window is usually wide open for that game. It’s easy money, as the majority of people will back the home team, resulting in huge financial gains for the bookies. Even more so than other sports, you’ll regularly find World Cup football matches covered by bookmakers, with the tournament considered so un-reliable that it was once cancelled due to concerns over match-fixing.

However, that doesn’t mean that all bettors in soccer should be considered foolish. There are many reasons to put money on football, and not all of them revolve around winning lots of cash. Here we’ll discuss some of the most prominent ones.

Watch The Game Live

Yes, it’s exciting to take a punt on the world’s biggest sports events, but why not watch them live instead? Many bookmakers offer live coverage of major sporting events, including soccer, and you’ve got the option of either watching the match in person or following the action via a streaming service. Live sports are considered to be the best kind, as the atmosphere – particularly at a World Cup final – is something that cannot be truly replicated by watching the replay. While this might be true, you will certainly feel the excitement as the match unfolds. Plus, should you be unfortunate enough to miss the live coverage, you’ll be able to follow the game as it happens via social media platforms.

No Need To Train For

One of the major draws of betting on sports is that you don’t need to train for them. Sure, there’s plenty of scope for skill in soccer, but the majority of games are incredibly open. In most cases, you’ll either know who’s going to win or place, so there’s no point in studying the stats. In other sports, such as tennis, you have a clear bias towards one team or player. In soccer, it’s all about who shows up and plays well, which means that you don’t have to focus on anything other than enjoying the game.

Scared Of Missing The Action

In most sports, you have the option of either watching live coverage or following a replay. There’s rarely any need to wait for a game to be uploaded to a streaming service, because it can be viewed instantly. This, obviously, is preferable to watching a match that you’ve already missed – particularly if it’s a crucial game in the race for the title. Had you watched the Harlem Globetrotters’ match against the Washington Generals on January 24th, 1922 you would have missed out on one of the greatest sporting spectacles of all time. While the commentators’ description of the game might be enjoyable, the excitement of being there is something that cannot be replicated. This, and the fact that it’s one of the most significant events of the year, make it something worth missing. Fortunately, thanks to live scoring and review systems, you don’t have to. You can bet on the World Cup final and know that you’ll either win or place, so the excitement is somewhat lessened, although you’ll still enjoy the game.

More Exciting To Bet On Early Rounds

In general, the earlier in the season the better, as far as exciting games go. You don’t want to miss the early rounds of the Europa League, as they often feature some fascinating contests. With the likes of Barcelona and Manchester United participating, this year’s edition will no doubt be filled with talented players and top-level football. Even better, you don’t have to travel all that far to the matches, as many of the games are held in Europe, ensuring that you’ll be able to follow them. In terms of major World Cups, you will certainly find more exciting games early on than at the end, as the competition is always intense and players are striving for higher places. Should you place a bet on the end-of-season World Cup, you’re probably going to be dissatisfied – but that’s okay. You can always bet on the following year’s World Cup and be guaranteed of witnessing some thrilling football. There’s also the opportunity to place a bet on the future outcomes, should they be available. For example, should Belgium beat England in the next World Cup final, you might want to consider backing the Red Devils to win the upcoming match.

Keep Your Money In Ready Cash

One of the major advantages of betting on the World Cup is that you can do so in cash. Nowadays, betting in cash is becoming quite popular, as it means that you don’t have to worry about any transactions involving credit cards being processed. Since much of the world’s population is either still or will soon be living in poverty, having cash readily available is seen as a benefit. It also prevents the game being influenced by financial concerns, as money is no object to skilled footballers and their teams. For people that prefer betting online, all major casinos offer World Cup betting, ensuring that there’s no need to take a trip to a bookmaker’s for the privilege of placing a bet. For those that prefer to place their bets in person, there are several countries where you can find licensed bookmakers who will take your cash and give you the betting slip to fill out. In some instances, particularly in countries like Italy and Spain, there will be people outside football stadiums waiting to take your bets. In the latter half of the year, as the World Cup final approaches, there will be numerous outlets around the world offering odds on the big game. If you’re looking to place a bet, all you need to do is decide which style you prefer – online or in person – and which event you’re most interested in following. Then, you just have to pick a side and wait for the action to begin.