How to Bet on a Pool Using Betfair

Wondering how to bet on a pool using Betfair? You’re in the right place! In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about placing bets on sports events using this popular betting website. Whether you’re a seasoned sports bettor or just getting started, this article will help you make the most of your betting experience on Betfair.

What Is Betfair?

If you’re looking for an easy way to place bets on your favorite sports teams, then you’ve found it with Betfair. Launched in 2006, this sportsbook is owned and operated by UK based Paddy Power. With headquarters in Dublin and London, this company operates across Europe, in Canada, and in the United Kingdom, where it is officially licensed. You might know Paddy Power from their previous sportsbook brands – Paddy Wagers, Score, or the recently sold Spectator Sports.

Its roots can be traced back to the 1800s, when a man named William Hill founded the company. Today, the company owns and operates nearly 70 sportsbooks in 35 countries. If you’re unfamiliar, sportsbooks are places where you can find betting odds for popular sporting events. For example, if you’re interested in betting on the San Francisco Giants vs the New York Yankees, you’d go to a sportsbook and put down a wager on that game.

Where Can I Bet On Sports?

As we mentioned, you can place bets on almost any sports game on Betfair, with the notable exception of dog racing and tennis. The site also doesn’t allow you to bet on certain games if they’re broadcast outside of the UK, which can be a pain if you’re located in Europe or another country where a game is televised. The good news is that Betfair offers competitive odds on most sports, making it ideal for amateur and professional bettors alike.

How Do I Bet On A Pool?

Since it is a world-class betting website with an incredibly diverse offering of sports, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are several different ways you can wager on a pool. If you’re not familiar, a pool is a gathering of friends and family who play a game of crokinole (aka. ‘pigeon punch’ or ‘frog golf’) or bowls for fun. The object is to knock over as many colored coins (aka. ‘bunny bucks’) as you can. The person who knocks over the most coins wins!

Let’s examine each option in detail and the pros and cons of each one.

1. Global Football

If you grew up in the 90s, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about when we mention global football. Back then, every other sport was pretty much nonexistent in the United Kingdom, with the notable exceptions of Formula One and rugby union. However, after the country voted to allow soccer (football) to be played throughout the entire year, the world of sports became truly global. Naturally, since the majority of soccer fans reside in Europe, many European leagues and tournaments became available for British bookmakers to offer odds on. As a result, you can now place bets on almost every European football game – even those played in other continents.

One major downside to this option is that many sportsbooks only offer odds on matches that are being played at the same time as the person placing the bet. If you’re unable to attend the game in person, you’re out of luck. Additionally, you might find it difficult to get the best odds on events that are far from your location.

2. Individual Sports

This is the standard way most people interact with sportsbooks these days. Instead of placing bets on soccer or football as a team, you can bet on the outcome of individual games. For example, you can back the New York Knicks or the Brooklyn Nets (nybasketball) to win a particular game, or you can place a wager on the Chicago Cubs (ballclub) to cover the spread (aka. ‘go betweenspread’), or you can even go for the knockout (aka. ‘get a goal or an assist’).

The upside to this option is that you have complete control over which teams and events you want to bet on. The downside is that, in general, it’s not such a lucrative option. If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, you might want to consider taking on a handicapping (aka. ‘selective betting’) scheme to earn a small profit on the bets you make. However, keep in mind – you’ll need to beat the house (aka. ‘the vigorish’) as well as the other bettors in order to win.

3. European Football

If you’re located in Europe, why not go with the most popular option and take advantage of the fact that many major European leagues and tournaments are observable on television? It’s quite easy to place bets on European football matches and the odds are generally favorable. The same goes for Spanish La Liga and for the Champions League (European football’s premier tournament). However, it is not as easy to place bets on German Bundesliga football matches because there isn’t any television coverage in Germany. This means you need to get your fix by traveling to Germany and watching the Bundesliga on a big screen TV.

One major downside to betting on European football matches is the same as with global football – if you’re not physically present at the game, you’ll have a hard time winning or placing bets. Additionally, the fact that many of these games are played during the summer months makes it difficult to attend any game in person.

4. American Sports

If you’re a big fan of American football, you can always find odds on the Super Bowl or the NBA (basketball) finals. However, be careful here because many bookmakers only take bets on American sports if the event takes place in North America. This means you’re out of luck if you’re located outside of the United States or Canada. Additionally, wagering on individual players in the NBA can be pretty tricky because there are so many superstitions and odd rules governing this sport. If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of American sports betting, it’s probably best to stay away.

Which Games Do I Want To Bet On?

There are certain games you’ll want to bet on and certain games you should avoid. For instance, if you’re a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles (football) team, you might want to avoid betting on the New York Giants and vice versa. The same goes for other teams and other sports. If you want to take a look at the diverse range of sports available on Betfair, check out this page which includes all the available odds for any given sporting event.

How Do I Place A Bet On A Pool?

Now that you’re ready to bet on a pool, how do you make the actual wager? The steps to placing a bet on a pool are very similar to those of placing a bet on an individual sport. First, you’ll need to locate the game you want to bet on and, if it’s a televised event (like soccer or American football), you’ll need to make sure you’re located in the UK. Next, you’ll need to set the amount of money you’re willing to wager (usually in increments of £10). Finally, you’ll need to choose whether you want to bet on the spread, the total number of goals (or points) scored, or you want to handicap the game by selecting a team or player you believe will win.

As with any other sport, you can choose to place a bet on any of the games on Betfair, but keep in mind that you’ll need to make the wager in person. Additionally, you can only place bets on certain games if they are being played at the same time as the person placing the bet (unless you’re willing to travel internationally to place a bet). Finally, be careful when placing bets on sports because of the inherent risk – if your chosen team loses, you could end up losing a lot of money!

Hopefully, this article helped you understand the ins and outs of placing bets on sports using this major betting website. If you want to place bets on a pool but don’t know where to start, or if you want to take a more established route and want to bet on a specific team or player, this article is for you. It contains a complete guide for putting together a winning betting strategy. Of course, if you want to make some cash off your favorite sports, you’re best served by heading over to Betfair now!