How Betting Teasers Work?

A betting teaser is a type of promotion that enables consumers to participate in sporting events and other types of entertainment via the internet. The concept behind betting teasers is to provide entertainment and engagement to the audience while also generating income for the organization running the promotion.

The betting teaser concept usually takes the form of a short video that is usually no more than a few minutes long. The video will generally consist of a sporting event or other type of performance with a money-changing element. The teaser will then usually follow a few rules, which enable the bettor to participate in the game or event.

These rules can vary from a simple ‘look ma, no hands!’, which enables the bettor to place a bet without actually having to leave the video, to more complicated rules that enable the bettor to place bets on specific events or teams during the game. Some examples of betting teasers include the following:

  • Classic teaser: La la la, la la la la… (three words by Chris Brown)
  • Betting is Back (two words by Chase & Leland)
  • Just Dance (Lady Gaga and Beyonce)
  • Cash Game (Cash Money Records)
  • Betting On My Baby (Tyga)
  • Crank That (Stargazing) (Young Money)
  • Let Me Bet (Money Mark)

Why Should You Become A Betting Teaser?

The first and arguably most important point to make about betting teasers is that they can be very profitable for the organization running the promotion. The profits generated from betting teasers are usually directed towards funding other areas of the business, such as expansion or marketing campaigns, which provide additional benefits to the company.

There are also significant benefits for consumers who decide to participate in betting teasers. Not only will they be able to enjoy the entertainment of a game or event, but they’ll also be able to place bets on their favorite teams and players with complete confidence that their money will be safe and that they’ll be able to recoup their investment if they lose. Additionally, as the audience is drawn from around the world, it provides the company running the promotion with potential outreach to a global audience.

The Evolution Of Teaser Promotions

Despite their popularity, betting teasers are still a fairly new concept. Similar to other forms of entertainment such as television and film, the first few examples of this type of promotion appeared on the internet and then made their way to mobile devices. Once these platforms became popular, the concept of betting teasers was easily exportable and adopted by other websites and apps. Since then, the number of instances of this type of promotion have increased dramatically and it continues to grow each year.

While the internet and social media played a large role in popularizing betting teasers, the platform that enables them to be most efficient and effective, global mobile marketing platform The Trade Desk, tracks the increasing trend of mobile wagering and how it’s influenced the entertainment industry.

  • Mobile wagering increased by 27% in 2022
  • 76% of American adults participate in some form of mobile wagering
  • 88% of Millennials participate in some form of mobile wagering
  • 89% of Gen Z participates in some form of mobile wagering
  • Over 140 million American adults have a mobile phone, which makes up 83% of the worldwide total. That’s 358 out of 437 people!
  • Mobile phones allow for easy conversion of digital currencies to real money in the palm of your hand

The Top 5 Examples Of Betting Teasers

Now that you’re hopefully beginning to see the benefits of participating in betting teasers, let’s take a look at the top 5 examples of these promotions.

5. La la la, la la la la… (three words by Chris Brown)

This teaser from Chris Brown takes the form of an opera singer singing three words, which ends in ‘-ly’ (ex: ‘la’, ‘la’, and ‘la’) and in the end, she says the magic words ‘Betting’, ‘Is’, and ‘Back’. As the name implies, this teaser will allow the bettor to place a bet on the performance. In this case, the bettor will be able to bet on whether or not the opera singer performs the entire piece successfully without making any mistakes. Another way to look at this bet is that the bettor is attempting to predict whether or not the artist sings three words without error. If she makes no mistakes, the bettor wins the wager. If she makes a mistake, the bettor loses.

As you might imagine, this is one of the more popular bets in regards to the three words by Chris Brown. While some might consider this type of wager to be simplistic, the fact is that it’s one of the more entertaining and least complicated bets to participate in. It also provides the bettor with a way to engage with the audience while also placing a bet, which is always a plus in this day and age.

4. Betting Is Back (two words by Chase & Leland)

This teaser from Chase & Leland takes the form of a boxing match, which is pretty self-explanatory. The two words, ‘Betting’ and ‘Is’, are scrawled on the gloves of the fighters and the match begins. Interestingly, it’s not entirely clear whether or not this teaser will actually allow the bettor to place a bet on the outcome of the fight. This is one of the more interesting aspects of the teaser, as it could be interpreted in a number of ways. It could be that the bettor is simply predicting the outcome of the fight or it could be that the fight is actually going to happen and the bettor is placing a bet on another sport’s event (ex: the NBA vs NHL hockey match). If the first option is chosen, the bettor wins, if the second option is chosen, the bettor loses.

The key word in this case is ‘back’. It seems that in 2021, many sportsbooks and betting websites have embraced wagering on sporting events and other types of entertainment, which has resulted in increased traffic and revenues for these organizations. This particular betting teaser is from the Chase & Leland Brand and it’s one of the best-known examples of betting teasers. It should be noted that the two are not necessarily associated with this particular format or type of wagering and, in fact, they might not even be aware that their particular brand was used in this particular manner.

3. Just Dance (Lady Gaga and Beyonce)

This teaser from Lady Gaga and Beyonce is perhaps the best example of a product placement that’s become so commonplace in today’s media that it barely qualifies as an ad anymore. The video begins with a glimpse of what appears to be the living room of a glamorous couple. Beyonce is then seen exiting the room, as Gaga follows her with an armful of fabric. These women are later revealed to be supermodels, dressed in various outfits and scenarios that encourage people to ‘just dance’. This dance frenzy will lead the viewer on a wild ride of fashion and entertainment, as the two singers try on many different outfits and dance in front of a mirror. At the end of the video, the camera once again settles on a close-up of the face of one of the dancers, who is wearing the eye mask from the Marvel Studios film, Black Widow. After a few moments, another scene begins, which follows a similar routine as the previous one, with more outrageous fashion and dancing. Ultimately, this is one of the most entertaining videos in regards to pure entertainment value and it has likely been watched by more people than any of the other videos on this list. It’s also one of the more recent teasers, which illustrates the increasing desirability of this type of content.

2. Cash Game (Cash Money Records)

The Cash Money Records company has made an entire identity around betting teasers, as this album art shows. The logo even incorporates the shape of a teaser, which becomes crucial in identifying the company’s involvement in this type of promotion. The name Cash Money Records is simply a play on words, as the company is based in New Orleans and their music is often considered to be ‘hardcore’.