How to Do a 10 Square Box for Super Bowl Betting

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events of the year, perhaps even rivaling the NBA All-Star Game in terms of popularity and financial backing. If you’re a sports bettor, you’ll undoubtedly be keeping an eye on the Big Game, as it’s commonly referred to. Not only is it one of the most exciting sporting events of the year, but it also provides some of the best odds on any sportsbook. In fact, the Super Bowl is one of the few sporting events where you can actually make a profit betting on the game! In this article, we’ll discuss some effective strategies for placing large bets on the Big Game without risking large amounts of money.

The Basics

In order to make a successful bet on the Super Bowl, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with a few key points:

  • The spread
  • Over/Under
  • Total Points
  • Passing Yardage

The spread is how much the odds are in favor of whichever team scores more points on a given day. For example, if you look at the spread for the Pittsburgh Steelers vs New York Giants game, you’ll see that the odds are currently favored by 3 points. That means that for every $100 you bet on that game, you’ll win $30, but you’ll also lose $70. In the end, you’ll break even.

The over/under is how many points a team will score, with a typical over/under bet being either more or fewer than the total points scored in the previous game. For example, if last week’s Super Bowl was close between the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers, with the score reaching an even 20-20, then you might want to try your luck at this year’s Super Bowl with an over/under bet. In this scenario, you might wager that total points scored will be between 27 and 23, resulting in an over bet of 3 points.

Total points and passing yardage are quite possibly the two most important stats to track throughout the entire season, if not the entire year. If you’re unfamiliar, total points is the sum of the scores of each team, with a touchdown worth 6 points, an extra point worth 3 points, and a field goal worth 3 points. Passing yardage is how much yardage each team gains, through passing and running, from scrimmage. So, for example, if the Chicago Bears have 400 passing yards and the New England Patriots have 500 passing yards, then the game will be over in the first half because the Patriots will have gained 250 more yards than the Bears! Naturally, this also means that the Patriots will win the game by a bigger margin.

The History

The Super Bowl isn’t exactly old school, but it is a fairly recent phenomenon. The first game was held in 1966 and the first national TV broadcast was in 1972. Since their inception, the Big Game has grown in popularity each year, eventually eclipsing the popularity of the NBA Finals and the World Series combined. This year will mark the 60th anniversary of the Super Bowl, which means that this year’s game will have the distinction of being the most watched TV event of all time. Naturally, this also means there will be plenty of nostalgic moments during the broadcast. Here’s a short clip of broadcaster Al Michaels discussing the history of the Big Game:

So, what are you waiting for? The season is already underway! If you’d like to profit from Big Game wagering, then you should try the EXPOSéder, our flagship product. Not only does it make placing bets easy, but it also keeps track of all the key stats so that you can monitor how your teams are performing and make smart wagers accordingly. For example, if you notice that your New England Patriots are gaining a lot of ground against your opponent, you can bet that the over/under will eventually hit and the total points will be way more than 24, resulting in a profit for you.