How Does Betting a Draw in Soccer Work?

Many sports betting enthusiasts will tell you that placing a bet on a draw is one of the smart betting options. That’s because, in most cases, a draw will result in a scoreless tie – which, in other words, is a perfect outcome for a sports bettor.

But what exactly is a draw? And more importantly, how does betting a draw in soccer work?

What Is A Draw?

A draw simply refers to the fact that there is no winner of the game. Soccer matches, in particular, can end in a draw if both teams score an equal amount of goals. In other words, a draw is just like a tie in other sports – except that in soccer, it’s a little less exciting.

The soccer rules are clear on this point: if the match is tied at the end of regulation time (90 minutes), then both teams play a series of extra minutes (or a golden goal) where the first team to score wins.

How Does Betting A Draw In Soccer Work?

Now, let’s take a look at how you can use this popular betting option in soccer and other sports. First of all, like most other forms of betting, you need to understand the dynamics of the game. After all, you’re likely to succeed as a soccer bettor only if you know what makes the game tick. So here’s a quick recap of the sport:

  • The object of the game is to score a goal
  • A goal is achieved by hitting the ball (or, in the case of a penalty, by standing on the spot and raising your hands in the air)
  • If both teams score equal amounts of goals, then a draw is declared

From a betting perspective, this means you’re more likely to win if the teams are close to a draw when the ball is in play. In other words, if you think one of the teams is going to score a goal, you should probably lay a bet on that team. The same logic applies to a game where there is no clear favorite; it’s always wise to bet on the chalk side (most popular team that is) in a neutral site like a pub or a restaurant. In these types of places, the field is open and there are no favorites as far as the bookmakers are concerned. So if you’re looking for an easy way to make some money, you can’t go wrong betting on a draw in soccer.

Betting A Weak Team To Win

Another popular and logical approach when it comes to betting on soccer is to take the opposite approach. That is, you can bet on the team that you think is weaker, or less likely to win. In other words, you are trying to make a profit by taking a risk on losing. In general, you should avoid this approach in most cases. But in competitive matches where there is no clear favorite, it can make sense to take this approach. For example, you can pick Liverpool to beat Manchester United because you think the Red Devils are not at their best ahead of this match. Or, conversely, you can lay a bet on Manchester United to beat Liverpool because you think the Red Devils are in form and have the momentum heading into this match.

These types of bets are usually placed at the beginning of the game or during halftime because, in general, you don’t want to lay a bet on a team that you think is going to lose. Even in these types of cases, you should only do so if you’re comfortable with the idea of losing your money. And as we mentioned before, in most cases, a draw is a pretty safe and lucrative outcome for a soccer bettor.