How Does Betting Work in Pit Fights?

You might be familiar with the phrase ‘pitting friends against friends’, which usually refers to two individuals (or groups) of friends competing against each other. However, the practice of ‘pitting’ has actually been around for much longer than you’d think, and it has found its way into traditional Chinese sport as well. Take a gander at how betting works in a pit fight—it’s pretty cool, really!

Setting Up Shop

Before you start placing bets, you’ll need to set up shop. This involves finding a spot at which you can lay your bets – whether it’s at a sports bookie’s place of business, at home, or even at a friend’s place – and locking the doors so that people don’t come in and disrupt your business. You’ll also need to purchase chips (the same as poker chips, only smaller) to use as money.

Determining Who Goes First

You’ll need to determine who goes first. In a traditional Chinese sport like Kung Fu, the person who goes first often decides the winner. However, in a pit fight, neither participant knows (nor cares) who goes first. One thing to keep in mind is that, in most cases, the fight will be to the death. That means that, even if YOU lose, you’ll die a happy man.

Making The Picks

Once you’ve set up shop and determined that you’re going to take a side in the fight, it’s time to make the picks. This is where the fun begins! Before you can begin betting (and making money, hopefully), you’ll need to choose whose side you’re on. Once you’ve made your pick, it’s time to place the bet (in a legal manner, of course). You may bet on any number of events that could occur during the fight, including:

  • The total number of punches thrown
  • The number of hits using one of four different body parts (head, body, or legs)
  • The number of hits using knees, elbows, or feet
  • The amount of pressure used in a given round (only when a round has been scheduled)
  • The names of the participants
  • How long the fight will last
  • How much damage has been inflicted on the participants, either by accident or on purpose
  • How many kicks, punches, or elbows can each fighter deliver
  • Whether the fight will end in a draw or a win for one of the combatants

The Money Shot

Once you’ve placed your bets, it’s time to collect! You’ll need to wait until someone wins or the fight is called a draw to collect your winnings. After the fight is over, it’s time to visit a bookie (or wager shop) and redeem your winnings (if any). If you’ve done everything correctly, you shouldn’t have too much trouble redeeming your winnings, as long as you keep plenty of chips on hand. Keep in mind: this is a pretty low-risk (and high-reward) venture, so only bet what you can afford to lose!

Final Takeaway

Betting on fights is all the rage these days. Not only do you get to enjoy the rush of winning or holding your favorite player’s jersey (assuming they’re a sports fan and you win), but you also get to take part in a competition that’s as exciting as it is brutal. If you’ve got a love for fighting and you want to try your hand (or paw) at making some money, consider giving it a whirl. Who knows—maybe you’ll even develop a taste for it!