How to Carry Over Betting from Win or Loss to Win or Loss

When you lose a wager in sports betting, it’s usually game over. However, when you win, it’s often just the beginning. Once you’ve tasted the sweet nectar of victory, you usually find yourself thirsty again, eager to engage with the world and smell the fresh air once more. Luckily for you, we’re here to help with a few tricks that can bring some life back into your sports betting adventures. Here are some ways that you can carry over your betting from win or loss to win or loss:

Betting on Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones have taken the world by storm. Not only are they a convenient way to stay connected to people and keep in touch with the world, but they also allow you to place bets from anywhere. Whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home, you can place a bet on the go. You can also use apps such as BetStars to place bets with ease from anywhere. If you’ve ever gambled online before, you’ll know how convenient and anonymous it is to place bets from the safety of your home.

Tiered Accounts

If you’re someone who likes to keep everything organized and tidy, you can set up a tiered account. A tiered account is one where your bet-winning and losing wagers are kept separate. For instance, you might have a casino account where you place all your wagers, and a separate sports account where you place your wagers on sporting events. When you win on one platform, you can transfer your winnings to your sports account to use for future betting. This allows you to start fresh on a new platform and prevent any unwanted funds from being mixed up with your casino or poker winnings from other sources.

Dollar-Cost Averaging

If you’ve ever bought a financial product like a stock or bond, you might know how important it is to look at the cost of those investments in relation to what you’re getting in return. When you look at it this way, it’s easy to see why dollar-cost averaging makes so much sense in investing. Similarly, when you look at your betting budget in terms of what you’re getting in return, it makes even more sense to use dollar-cost averaging. When you set a dollar-cost average for your betting, you’re telling the casino or bookmaker that you’re only going to spend that amount on bets. You’re not going to risk more than that amount on any one wager. Setting a dollar-cost average for your betting means that you don’t have to worry about risking more than what you’ve allotted. This is especially beneficial if you’ve been betting consistently and lost a lot of money.

Betting on Multiple Platforms

If you’re someone who loves to bet on multiple platforms, it would be best to set up a separate account for each one. This way, you can keep your bets and winnings organized and separate. You can also use apps such as SportsLine to make placing bets on multiple platforms easier. If you have a mobile phone, you can use the app to place your bets on the go.


One of the great things about sports betting is that it’s fairly easy to insure. You can usually find a sports betting insurance company that handles all the details for you. Most sports betting insurance companies will also waive all the fees for you if you win, as long as you’re in compliance with all the terms and conditions of the policy. It rarely ends in tears, but when it does, it can be devastating.

As you can see, there are several ways that you can use to carry over your betting winnings from one venture to the next. While luck definitely plays a part in whether or not you win, using a little bit of strategy and planning can help make sure that your luck continues and that you have a bright future of winning wagers.

Remember, as long as you’re acting responsibly and within the laws of gambling, you can’t lose. But you can definitely still have fun!