How to Bet on Soccer – Explained in One Easy Guide

Sports betting, also known as betting on sports, is a multi-billion dollar industry. With the world now knowing that professional sports can be linked to serious illness, it’s only a matter of time before the effects of this virus spread to the sports world. For those seeking to get into the sports betting industry, it’s already a lucrative world to be in and the demand is only expected to grow.

Why Bet On Soccer?

The beautiful game itself is a great sport to bet on. Watching the stars grace the pitch with their skill is enough reason for any fan to jump at the chance to place a wager on the match. The World Cup has become a premier event every four years since its inception and the excitement each time it comes around is unprecedented. A truly international event, the 2018 World Cup in Russia was watched by over a billion people across the world and many bet on the various matches.

The size of the TV audience alone would put this game at the top of the sports betting world. However, as stated before, this game has been affected by a pandora’s box of health issues that have made the players and sport more dangerous than ever before. FIFA, football’s ruling body, has been slapped with a class action lawsuit by those claiming the organization knew about the coronavirus yet continued to host and participate in sporting events. The initial infection rate in football was 17 times higher than that of the general public. Furthermore, more than 40 people have perished from coronavirus complications so far.

Where Can I Bet?

The number of legal betting shops around the world has increased from 300 to 500 in the past five years, with more opening each month. Many of these betting shops are located in the UK and there are around 30,000 registered users of the BetVictor app alone. You can easily place a bet on soccer on a range of online betting sites such as Bet365, Skybet and Pinnacle. In fact, many of these betting websites will even let you place bets on the results of games that are still to come. You can also place bets on the transfer market by logging onto specialized websites that deal with such transactions. While this may seem like a daunting task to the uninitiated, for those who are experienced it is a walk in the park.

Tricky Issues To Watch Out For

The fact that soccer is such a popular sport made the world of betting very small. The majority of those wagering actually place bets on the outcome of a single game. While this may seem like an easy way to wile away leisure time, the tricky issues that come with betting on a single sport do make it more dangerous than usual. For example, if you bet on a Germany – Argentina game and Germany wins, you’ll actually need to pay out on your bet since Argentina won’t appear again until the next World Cup in 2022. Naturally, this can lead to some seriously bad days if you’re not careful.

Key Takeaway

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on the key issues that are bound to arise from the competition. It’s one thing to be passionate about a sport, but quite another to place bets on it. Those seeking to get involved in sports betting should be fully aware of the legal and regulatory requirements that pertain to them. Furthermore, they should also work with a reliable bookmaker that is fully licensed and regulated. Finally, anyone seeking to get involved in this world-class industry should do their research and ensure they’re not being scammed by any fly-by-night operators out there who might try to trick them into thinking big wins are just a click of a button away.