How Does Golf Paring Betting Work?

As the golf season is now in full swing, you’ll soon start to see plenty of people putting money on the golf course. The betting markets have opened, with golfers from around the world flocking to place their bets on the weekend’s golfing events.

But exactly how does golf paring betting work and what are the odds? Here we answer your questions and put some odds to predict the winner of this summer’s British Open.

How Do I Place A Golf Bet?

The first step is to determine which golfing event you’ll be placing your bet on. The 2019 British Open will feature some of golf’s greatest courses and world-class players. It’ll be held at some of Britain’s most picturesque golf venues including Royal Birkdale, Royal Lytham and St Andrews. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got the best odds available for the British Open, so look out for the Spokesports Betting Exchanges when placing your wagers.

From there, it’s simply a case of going to your bookie and placing your stake. The rules regarding golf betting are pretty straightforward. You can make a one-off bet or place a series of bets on multiple golfing events. If you’re one-off betting, then you’ll need to have £10 or more to place your bet. For a series of bets, you’ll need to have at least £25.

What Are The Odds On The 2019 British Open?

Judging by the exchange rates, the odds for the 2019 British Open are currently in favor of the home side. If you’re looking for a safe bet then backing the home team might just be what you’re looking for. After all, the British are pretty good at sports. They might just bring home the cup this year.

The best value currently on the Spokesports Exchange is available at for the European Tour’s upcoming season. You’ll get better odds on the ATP Masters 1000 events, which are also scheduled to take place in Australia this year. Those are the key tournaments on the European Tour. You can get odds like:

England 7/4
Scotland 5/1
Wales 5/1
Northern Ireland 4/1

The biggest story this year is the return of Jason Day to the sport. The Australian is currently the number two ranked golfer in the world, which makes him a very attractive proposition for any bookmaker. He’s looking to make a successful comeback after taking a break from the game due to mental health issues. Day’s first tournament this year is the AAMI Masters, which is part of the Australian season. He’ll be looking to build on his solid performance at the Masters Tournament last year, where he finished tied for second place.

What Is The Best Time To Place My Golf Bet?

The best time to place a bet on golf is either late afternoon or early evening. The reason behind this is simple. The odds are then at their lowest, which is ideal for one-off or series of bets. However, if you place your bet earlier in the day, then the chances of it being settled before the end of the round goes up. You don’t want to do this, as you’ll then be risking losing your money due to premature settlement.

You can also make a case for placing a bet at night. The light makes it easier for the bettor to see the ball clearly, which means they can get more accurate scores. However, this doesn’t apply to every course and every golfer. Some courses are more difficult to score well on at night than during the day, which means the odds may be higher than usual. This could mean you lose a bit of money if you’re not careful.

Can I Place A Golf Bet On A Single Golf Outing?

This is a common question, as most people think that betting on golf is only possible on a full-fledged tournament. While it’s true that most places will only offer odds on multiple events, this doesn’t mean you can’t put money on the outcome of a single golfing outing.

You can find spots where you can place single bets, which generally are limited to either the major tournaments or certain lesser-known events. However, the odds may be higher on these tournaments, so make sure you’re prepared to lose a bit of money if you want to win. You might also want to look at applying the rules of mathematical / statistical formulas to improve your odds of winning.

Can I Place A Golf Bet If I’m A Non-Golfer?

This is a tricky one. On the one hand, you could argue that non-golfers don’t belong in the same world as golfers do. After all, what are they doing at a golfing event anyway? On the other hand, a lot of the enjoyment the game brings is from the social side. Will the bar staff treat you differently if you’re not a golfer? Will you get stared at by other patrons?

These are important questions, but generally, places that allow non-golfers to gamble don’t exactly encourage them to become better friends. You might still be able to find some exception to this rule, however.

What Is The Difference Between The British Open And The Open Championship?

The British Open is the championship tournament of the regular British golf season. It is the fourth oldest of golf’s major tournaments, dating back to 1894. In fact, it was the first major tournament to be held in England after the first sod was turned at St Andrews in 1896. This year it’ll be held at Royal Birkdale from 24th – 28th June.

The Open Championship is the championship tournament of the golfing season. It was first held 100 years ago this year and is the oldest of golf’s major tournaments. Its name comes from the open layout of the Royal St. Andrews course. This year it’ll be held at Royal Lytham from 7th – 11th July.

Which One Should I Back?

The home team always wins in any match, which makes it sensible to back them when betting on golf. This is especially true with Australia being the home of the game. However, if you’re looking for an outsider, then backing the European Tour seems a safer bet. After all, most of the players on this tour are from Europe, which means their genes may improve your odds of winning. Also, the European Tour has more tournaments than the other two main tours combined, which makes it a more attractive proposition for gamblers.

The American sportsbooks also have the PGA tour, which is a combination of the two biggest tours, making it a suitable choice for anyone. This is one of the main reasons why the American sportsbooks are so popular with golfers. They offer the best of both worlds: an alternative to European bookmakers while giving you a choice of courses and events to place your bet on.

To help you decide which way to go, we at Betsafe put together this helpful guide to compare and contrast the British Open and Open Championship. It’s important to mention here that the odds are generally higher on the major tournaments, so if you want to place a profitable bet then focus on the smaller events (off the major tours) or on the player’s individual tournaments rather than the grand slams.

Which One Is More Popular?

This is another trick question. Popularity amongst golfers can vary by country, with some courses and some players being more fashionable than others. Generally speaking, St Andrews is the most popular destination with the British, with Royal Birkdale, Royal Lytham and St. Croix in the next most popular regions. The fact that all of these courses are located in the United Kingdom might explain why.

The 2019 PGA season will be the 100th year of golf, which means there’ll be a lot of big tournaments to attend. It would be a shame to miss out on any of them, which is why places like Betsafe exist. Make sure you get your tickets for these events as soon as possible, as you might not be able to purchase them once they’re sold out.