How to Bet Over/Under Soccer?

The beautiful game is back! And what a glorious game it is. Thanks to the recently concluded 2019 World Cup, we were given the opportunity to showcase the best of football on a grand scale. But, with so much footballing greatness to choose from, which game should we select to bet on?

One of the most exhilarating and mouth-watering aspects of the World Cup is the variety of betting opportunities that present themselves. Whether you’re a seasoned sports bettor or an absolute beginner, there’s something for you. But perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of placing a bet on football is the chance to go over/under on the score. Yes, the World Cup may be finished, but that doesn’t mean you can’t place a wager on the final scores!

What exactly is over/under betting? Simply put, it’s when you bet on whether the final score will be higher or lower than a certain number. For example, you may bet $10 that the final score will be less than or equal to a 5-goal margin. Or, you may bet $10 that the final score will be more than 5 goals. These types of bets are relatively easy to understand. But, like most sports bets, there are numerous variables that can influence the outcome.

Let’s have a look at how to bet over/under on soccer shall we?

Choose Your League & Country

The first step towards successful over/under betting is to pick the right competition. It’s important to remember that you’ll have to abide by the rules of the bookmaker you’re using. Some bookmakers will permit over/under bets in European leagues, whilst others may only offer that service in leagues outside Europe. Check before you place a bet to make sure you’re not breaking any rules.

As for which country to place your bet on, it’s best to do so based on the rules of the bookmaker you’re using. For example, if you’re using a UK-based bookmaker and it’s an over/under bet, it’s best to place your bet on England as they’re not yet outlawed in rugby union. However, you may find that certain bookmakers don’t offer that service at all. If that’s the case, it’s best to look for a different service provider who does offer that possibility.

Know The Basics

One of the most basic and fundamental pieces of information you need to know before placing a bet on over/under’s is how the game works. This is best demonstrated by example. Let’s say you’re using a 5-goal over/under and the match in question is England vs Belgium. Based on what you know, here’s how the odds would look (Note: these odds are provided by the bookmaker and may change depending on the time of day and day of week):

  • Belgium to score first: 11/4
  • England to score first: 6/4
  • Over 5 goals: +350
  • Under 5 goals: -350

What you see here is fairly self-explanatory. The odds fluctuate based on whether Belgium or England scored the first goal and whether the score was more or less than 5 goals. If you want to place a successful bet, it’s best to avoid these types of bets if you don’t know how they work. The same goes for all forms of betting, really.

Make Sure You’re Getting The Best Bet

One of the most important things you need to do before placing a bet on over/under football is make sure you’re comparing apples with apples. It’s easy for a betting provider to give the appearance of offering great odds, when in reality, the amounts you’ll be risking are often quite small. Take a look at what happened last season in the Championship. There were numerous occasions where a 5-goal over/under bet looked really good, but when you checked the actual odds, you’d find that the amount you were on the verge of risking was quite a bit higher than what you’d actually won or lost. This is why it’s always best to look for the best price, rather than the first odds that present themselves.

Look For The Best Odds

There are numerous instances where a 5-goal over/under bet looks good, but the best odds aren’t necessarily presented by the betting service you’re using. Looking for the best odds means comparing the offers of different bookmakers, to see who has the best price. This makes comparing apples with apples a little bit more difficult, as the bookmakers’ terms and conditions can vary from one another. But if you want to place a successful bet, it’s worth the effort. It’s also important to look for the best price, not just the best odds. Sometimes, the odds can be great, but the price is bad, or vice versa. Knowing when one is superior to the other can help you make the right decision. This is why you need to compare the price of one option to another. Looking for the best odds usually means you’re comparing the price of one option to another. So you’re comparing apples with apples, but sometimes, it’s the other way around. You need to look at all the prices, rather than just the odds to get the best possible deal.

Use The Right Bookmaker

There are numerous reasons why you might want to use one bookmaker over another. Maybe you’ve had bad luck with previous bets placed with a particular service provider. Or, it could be that the price of one option is great, but the amount you’ll win is low. It’s always best to use the right bookmaker for the right bet. If you’re comparing apples with apples, it’s best to use a bookmaker whose odds and limits match those of the bet you want to place. This ensures you’re not getting confused by the oddities of one bookmaker’s platform, as opposed to another. Knowing how the game works and the types of bets available, will help you make the right decision and place a successful bet.

Avoid Temptation

It’s easy for a betting provider to make money from naive sports bettors. All they have to do is encourage you to place bets, by giving you great odds and appealing to your greed. But just because the odds are great, doesn’t mean you’ll win. Great odds can mean you’ll lose, too. Look for the best price and you’ll avoid all temptation. Just remember, every sport has betting opportunities, even football! If you want to test your luck at the races, you may do so via online casinos, which offer casino football games. These types of bets don’t require any particular skill, but it’s still essential to know how they work, so you don’t lose your money.

Research The Team

One of the most important things you need to do before placing a bet on over/under football is research the team you’re backing. It’s not enough to know that England lost to Germany in the semi-finals. You need to know how good each team is and how well they’re likely to perform in the future. There are various online resources that can help you pinpoint all the relevant information you need. For example, you may want to check out the team’s form in previous years, the quality of the players, or the strength of the league they’re playing in. Knowing all this information about each team will help you make the right decision and place a successful bet.

Stay Active

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