How Does Points Work in Betting Tennis?

Tennis, one of the most popular sports in the world, has always been a game of skilled timing and reflexes. Thanks to the introduction of technology into the sports industry, the game has changed and players can now bet on the matches they watch! Let’s take a closer look at how point-based betting on tennis works and how you can use it to your advantage.

How Do Points Work In Betting Tennis?

The basic concept behind points in betting is simple. You tip one of the players you think will win the point. The other player then has to hit a specific shot in order to keep the point. If they fail to do so, the player you tipped wins the point. It’s that simple. However, the implementation of this concept is a bit more complex. Here’s how it works.

The Basics

When you place a ‘point’ wager on a tennis match, you are implying that you believe the player you’ve selected will win the point. If your selection loses the point, you will lose your investment regardless of whether or not the player you tipped wins the game. The odds will then rotate and you’ll have to place another wager in order to see if you can correctly predict the winner of that point. Most online betting sites will give you the option of varying the size of your bet depending on the amount of points you have. For instance, if you bet 50 points, you will need to wager at least £5. If you bet one point, the minimum bet size is £0.25.

More Than Meets The Eye

One of the major differences between traditional and point-based betting in tennis is that the latter relies on a great deal of statistics in order to work. Since the number of statistics available for tennis is quite high, you will often find lots of data available for analysts to crunch numbers on. This means that the odds on most tennis matches will be determined by extensive research and data gathering rather than simply by looking at current form or past performances. Although this comes with its perks, it also means that the odds will change quite frequently and there’s a good chance you may lose your money if you aren’t careful.

Points Don’t Always Go In

One of the most frustrating things about point-based betting is that sometimes your chosen player will lose a point even though you thought they would win. This is largely due to the fact that the player you selected may have missed the shot completely or failed to execute it appropriately. In these situations, it’s almost impossible to predict who will win the point based on odds available at the time you placed the bet. In most cases, you’ll have to wait until the point is resolved in order to find out who won it. If you’re desperate to find out the outcome of a certain point immediately, you can always place a ‘quick lay’ on it, but you’ll have to pay a higher rate for this option. Remember, as mentioned above, the odds will change frequently so it’s always a good idea to check the rates before making a quick bet.

Rising Tipping Points

One of the things that makes points in betting so interesting is that the odds often go in the opposite direction to what one would expect based on recent form or performance. For example, in 2018, it was extremely difficult to make a £5 wager on Roger Federer to win a men’s singles match, yet he won 6 out of 6 matches he played against Top 20 opponents. Of course, this includes his two Wimbledon finals, so it’s fair to say Federer was one of the best players in the world in 2018 and his odds of winning jumped from 12/1 to 40/1 in March/April of that year.

The same can be said about Novak Djokovic. In 2019, he was unable to recapture his previous form and was plagued by injuries but still managed to pull off some incredible results. Against Top 20 opponents, he won only 2 out of 14 matches but he did manage to win all of his sets (in the three he did play against Top 20 opponents). Despite this, his odds of winning only jumped from 8/1 to 20/1 in February/March 2019. This is mainly because people believed Djokovic would suffer a major injury in the coming months and the competition would then become extremely tough for him. Unfortunately, this was far from the case and Djokovic went on to win his first Grand Slam title in a while at the French Open.

Djokovic As An Example

As mentioned above, sometimes the line on odds can go against you. This is particularly the case when it comes to world-class players and iconic personalities. In 2018, when it came to Djokovic, the line went in the opposite direction and it’s entirely down to the unpredictable nature of sport and the fact that nobody knows what anyone is going to do. When you’re dealing with highly skilled players like Djokovic or Federer, every point can be a battle and the slightest mistake on their part could easily end up with one of them losing the point. If you’re looking for a way to make money from tennis, you could certainly do worse than to invest in these two players.

Now, if you’re new to betting, it can be quite a daunting task to decide how much you should bet and on what events you should invest your money. One important thing to consider is risk. If you’re new to betting, it’s probably a good idea to look at low-risk bets first and work your way up to higher-risk events. You won’t be able to predict the outcome of most tennis events, so if you’re going to lose money, it might as well be on events you can accurately predict. This way, you’ll only lose a small amount of money compared to what you initially placed on the bet. Look at the above example of Federer and Djokovic. Even though they are two of the biggest stars in tennis, it would still take a bit of research and analysis in order to place a sensible bet on either one of them. Unless you’re feeling very lucky, it’s probably best to start small and work your way up to higher-risk events. If you’re looking for a safe place to make some money from betting, you could always try sports which offers some very competitive betting markets. However, if you really want to make money from tennis, you could look into placing bets on famous tournaments or matches. There are lots of options available and it’s all down to what you’re looking for. Of course, if you’re looking to make a few quid, you could always play the game yourself. It’s all a matter of preference.