How Does Round Robin Work for Betting?

When you’re betting, you’re always going to face a choice of what to bet on and how much to bet on each event. Naturally you want to make the right choice and put your money on the winning horse or dog, but how do you know which one is the right choice? What if you’re not certain which one is going to win? One way to make sure you’re choosing the right bet is to use a strategy called ‘round robin’.

Here’s how the round robin betting strategy works: you take each of the races that are scheduled to run and, one at a time, place a bet on the winner. So if there are four races scheduled to run on a day, you’d place a bet on the first race, then the second race, and so on, until you’ve completed your round robin betting for the day. When the last race has ended, you’d then use the same technique to place bets for the next day or weeks. Essentially you’re taking advantage of the fact that the horses/dogs have already been placed in the race by the bookmakers so, while you’re not certain which one will win, you’re at least guaranteed not to lose your money on a pointless bet.

Why Should You Consider The Round Robin Strategy When You’re Betting?

The round robin strategy is a popular one among experienced online bettors as it means you never have to select a winner before the end of a race. You simply create a playlist of the races that interest you and allow the computer to choose the winners for you (as long as they satisfy your criteria).

This is beneficial as you’ll never be sure which horse/dog is going to win so, rather than risk losing your money on a long shot, you can put your faith in the computer choosing the right one for you.

The beauty of the round robin strategy is it requires no particular expertise or knowledge of horse racing/dog racing. Simply create a playlist of the races you think will be the closest to the outcome you’re looking for and let the computer do the rest. The strategy is very handy for those new to betting as they don’t have to worry about choosing the right horse/dog or figuring out how to place a bet on one specifically. Plus, if you’re using a reputable software application, you can rest assured the computer will do everything necessary to ensure your money is handled securely and that you get your winnings when expected.

How Do You Place A Round Robin Bet?

To place a round robin bet, you need to have a good understanding of the betting format for the sport you’re involved in. Most sportsbooks will give you the option to bet on multiple outcomes for an event and, as long as you’re aware of this, you can put together a well-rounded betting strategy that suits your needs perfectly.

For example, if you’re betting on the United States to win the next World Cup, you might want to bet on both Argentina and Belgium to lose so that the U.S. team can advance to the next round. Or, if you’re a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you might want to bet on them to lose next week’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. When the ball is kicked off, you’ll see that the Buccaneers are 2.5-point underdogs but if you already have Argentina losing one of the World Cup contests and another team you like more, the Argentinean team, advancing to the next round, then you have a shot at winning some money.

Keep in mind that, in order to place a round robin bet, you’ll need to have the same outcome in mind for each race. Once you have, you can set the amount you want to bet on each one and the computer will do the rest. You will receive email notifications whenever a winning selection is made so you’re never going to be in the dark about how your money is doing.

The Limitations Of The Round Robin Strategy

The round robin strategy is perfect for someone looking to punt on a game or event that they aren’t particularly familiar with. However, as soon as you’re starting to get involved in horse racing or dog racing, you’re going to face limitations to the strategy that you need to be aware of. First and foremost, you need to understand that, while the horses/dogs are pre-chosen by the bookmakers, the official result of a horse race/dog race isn’t known until the end. In other words, even though the bets are placed on the outcome before the race even begins, the true winner is decided post-race. This can lead to some rather unexpected results. For example, in the 2014 Kentucky Derby, American Pharoah, pre-race favorite, came in last place yet he was declared the winner because the other horses had already crossed the finish line before him. This would have been impossible to predict had the result been announced immediately after the race ended.

Additionally, many sportsbooks will only allow you to bet a certain amount on each game or event. The reasoning behind this is simple. Horses/dogs are already in races when you open up your account so, if you want to place 10 bets on a given day, you’ll have to split them up between different sportsbooks. Some will only allow 4, 6, or 8 bets per day. If you want to bet on more than 8 races per day, you’re going to have to open up another account at a different bookmaker. Plus, in some cases, the odds may be slightly against you. If you want to place a round robin bet on a tennis match, for example, you’ll have to do some research to see if the odds are in your favor. Typically, the better the matchup, the longer it will take for you to realize your money is being handled correctly and you’ll receive your winnings.

Another important point to make here is that, when you’re using a round robin strategy, you’re essentially losing out on the opportunity to double your money. This is key when you’re trying to maximize your returns from betting. While you’re guaranteed not to lose your money on a round robin bet, you’re also guaranteed not to gain any more than you would have if you’d just placed a single bet on each race. This is why many serious bettors choose to avoid the round robin strategy and stick to the more traditional method of picking a winner beforehand. However, if you’re looking for a simple and reliable way to make money online, the round robin strategy is a perfect choice.

The Advantages Of The Round Robin Strategy

One of the major advantages of using a round robin strategy is that it’s extremely easy to understand and follow. Anyone can do it successfully and it doesn’t require any special expertise or knowledge of the sport. You essentially just need to know what events/races you’re interested in following and setting a budget for how much you want to bet on each one. The strategy is extremely flexible and, as long as you stay within the guidelines, it doesn’t matter which horse/dog wins because you’ll always end up with the same amount of money when the round robin is over. This makes it easy for anyone to get involved in betting regardless of their experience level or familiarity with racing/sports.

Another important advantage of the round robin strategy is that it provides you with multiple options. Say, for example, you’re playing the role of a gambler and you want to place a bet on the Super Bowl this year. You might want to bet on the Eagles to win or the Patriots to win but, since you’re not expert in football, you don’t know which one is going to happen. With the round robin, you have several options. You could place a bet on the Patriots, the Eagles, or you could put your trust in a playlist of random teams. The point is you have a variety of choices and this provides you with more leverage when you’re playing the game. You’re not at the mercy of one decision as with traditional betting where you might have to choose between the Patriots or the Eagles because they are the only two teams in contention for the Super Bowl.

Additionally, the round robin strategy is extremely user-friendly. You don’t need to have specialized knowledge to use it successfully. Simply create a playlist of the events/races you’re interested in following and allow the software to choose the winners for you. Then, when you sign up with a reputable sportsbook, you can rest assured your account will be properly configured to have round robin betting available. This means you don’t have to go through any unnecessary hassles to place a bet. Everything will be taken care of for you. No worries there. In fact, some sportsbooks will even offer you a bonus for using their software to place your bets. So, if you want to get involved in betting, but don’t have the time to learn how to pick the winners yourself, consider using a round robin strategy instead.