How to Bet on Sports Spreads?

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This year, advertising on the web will be worth around $150 billion

Simply put, advertisers pay to have their ads displayed on websites, and in some instances, these ads are rewarded based on how much someone interacts with them. With this in mind, you can develop a strategy to either earn a commission from advertisers if they generate traffic or make money online selling and displaying ads.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a form of online marketing where you essentially sign up to an affiliate program (i.e. Skimlinks, Commission Junction, etc.) and when someone clicks a link or makes a purchase after being directed to your site from an external source, you earn a commission.

The upside: It’s a proven strategy to make money online. The downside: You’ll need to learn how to program and set up your affiliate site. In addition, you’ll have to learn how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Display Advertising

This type of advertising is when an advertiser pays you to put their ads on your site. The upside: Simple and easy to set up. The downside: You don’t get any commission if the person clicks the ad and makes a purchase without following the link.

Pay Per Click Advertising

With pay per click advertising, you essentially sign up for a service like Google AdWords or Bing Ads and when someone clicks an ad or makes a purchase after being directed to your site from an external source, you earn a commission.

The upside: Easy to set up and maintain. The downside: You can lose money if your ads aren’t relevant to the person viewing them. In other words, you need to learn how to craft ads that will appeal to the people searching for your products.

Pay Per Install (Mobile)

Mobile apps exist to make money, and more and more people are becoming dependent on them as a way to carry out daily tasks. Once you have a mobile app, you can explore the lucrative world of in-app purchases where users can purchase virtual items using real money.

The upside: This is one of the best ways to make money online if you’re technologically savvy. The downside: You might need to learn how to create a mobile app before you start making money from them.

Pay Per Email (Affiliate Marketing)

Earnings vary based on the size of your email list, how many email clicks you drive, and how engaged your subscribers are. You can make a lot of money simply by keeping your email list up-to-date with email marketing.

The upside: You can get started easily with a free email marketing service like GoDaddy Email Marketing or MailChimp. The downside: Unless you learn how to market via email, you won’t be able to make much money off of it.

Monetize Blogging

Blogging is a fantastic way to make money online, as you essentially get paid to write about your passions, interests, hobbies, and what you believe in. Typically, you’ll need to establish and maintain a following before you can monetize your blog.

The upside: Lots of online money can be made simply by blogging about what you know and love. The downside: You’ll need to build and grow a sizable audience before you can make any money.


Online shopping is one of the biggest industries in the world, and it’s only growing. If you have a knack for marketing and sales, you can take advantage of this by setting up an e-commerce store where users can purchase products listed on your site.

The upside: You can use an e-commerce platform like Shopify or Woocommerce to get your e-commerce store up and running quickly and easily. The downside: To do well, you’ll need to ensure that your site is optimized for maximum conversion.

How To Bet On Sports Spreads?

If you’re looking to get involved in online betting, you have a number of options. From betting on the Super Bowl to college football, hockey, and more, you can find the perfect betting event to suit your interests. Just keep in mind that while some sports books are open to the public, others require you to open an account in advance.

Here are some tips on how to bet on sports spreads:

Find The Best Sites

One of the first things you should do is try to locate the best places to place your bets. In most cases, you’ll be able to find these sites just by searching for your favorite sports team or event. Alternatively, you can browse through online directories that list and rate websites based on their quality.

Open An Account

Before you start betting, you’ll need to have an account with a reputable sports book. Be sure to choose a username and password that will be easy to remember and that doesn’t contain any personal information. In addition, you’ll need to set up a secondary email address to which you can send confirmations and notifications regarding your account.

Fund Your Account

Sports betting is a lucrative business, but to do well, you’ll need to have sufficient funds in your account. For new, prospective bettors, having $10 or more in one’s account is recommended. This is to avoid any potentially suspicious activity (i.e. trying to avoid getting ripped off).

To avoid any potential problems, it’s advisable to use an online bank service (i.e. Skimlinks, Netspend, etc.) to bank money prior to engaging in any online betting activities. This will ensure that your financial information is safe and that you have sufficient funds in your account.

Diversify Your Bets

While it would be wise to focus your energies on only a couple of sports teams or events, you should certainly consider betting on more than one. This way, you increase your chances of winning. In most cases, you’ll need to spread your bets over several teams, as bookmakers don’t accept bets from individuals on individual games. Bets are matched against the total amount wagered (i.e. sum of all bets for that game). Take advantage of sports betting odds that are offered online and learn how to use them to your advantage.