How Does the Round Betting Work on Bovada?

Bovada just released a brand new online betting app that’s completely redesigned for the modern era. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a beginner – the experience is streamlined and easy to use.

Mobile First

One of the main focuses of the new app is a sleek and beautiful mobile experience. Bovada wanted to give the app a fresh coat of paint and add a few useful features along with it. They also had to make sure the app scaled well across all popular phones and tablets.

The best thing about their approach is that it doesn’t feel like a typical mobile clone. Every aspect of the app – from the easy navigation to the animations and graphics – has been crafted with mobile gaming in mind.

Live Dealer

Another big change is the integration of live dealers. Instead of the usual pre-set odds, you’ll see real-time prices fluctuate based on the flow of the game. It’s a great way to make sure you always get the best odds without having to check the website or refresh the app frequently.

You’ll also notice that the mobile version is considerably lighter than the desktop version. That’s because the live dealer feature is an additional layer of software that takes up a lot of CPU and mobile data. If you’re interested in trying out the feature, make sure you have a strong WiFi connection and a good plan to avoid overage charges.

Redesigned For Better Performance

Another important aspect of the redesign is better performance. Bovada wanted to take advantage of the mobile processing power and the larger display to create a snappy app that was also easy on the eyes. They made some big improvements to both the user experience and underlying code to ensure smooth gameplay.

If you’re a mobile gamer or regularly play on your phone, you’ll notice a significant difference – especially on the iPad Pro.

Multiple Languages

Bovada also wanted to make sure their app was available to as many people as possible, which is why they added support for multiple languages. In addition to English, the app now features Spanish and French options as well. If you’d like to play in a different language, just switch to that option from the settings menu.

Since the launch of the new app, there have been multiple positive reviews from users. Some even mentioned that it was the best online betting app they’d ever tried.

Bovada is definitely on to something here. Not only do they have an incredible track record, but they also seem to have understood what the modern-day online gambler is looking for in terms of a mobile app.