How Many Times Will Trump Be Mentions During the Super Bowl?

The NFL season is over, which means that one of the biggest events of the year is over with it. The Super Bowl is traditionally one of the biggest events of the year, and this year was no different as many predicted that it would be the most-watched event of all time. With the world focusing on football and the Super Bowl, it was inevitable that Donald Trump would make a cameo appearance at least once. Well, he didn’t disappoint as he made multiple mentions during the big game.

Here’s a look at the most notable mentions of Trump during the Super Bowl…

1.25 Million Views

One of the events that helped make the most of the halftime show was undoubtedly Trump’s 25-minute speech. You may remember that back in September the president gave a controversial speech at the United Nations general assembly.

That speech brought international attention to the country and raised questions about whether he would come to the aid of a NATO ally in need. During the Super Bowl, those questions were answered as the US president took the stage. Although parts of what he said were criticized as “disappointing,” “dangerous,” and “just embarrassing,” the speech reportedly reached 1.25 million views within 24 hours.

The president spoke for about 10 minutes during the National Anthem and another 15 or so minutes during the game. Because the speech was mostly behind the scenes and took place during a game, many people may not have realized that it was part of the event. That’s not to say that others didn’t, because many critics spoke about Trump’s “divisive” and “inflammatory” rhetoric, how it “alienated” people, and how it “polarized” Americans. (Some have even gone as far as to say that it was one of the worst performances in recent memory.)

Many people seemed to find the speech deeply emotional, and it’s easy to understand why. In a country that is deeply divided, Trump’s appearance offered a glimpse into the national psyche as well as a condemnation of the political class. The speech was even praised by some people who said that he gave it everything he had while others said that it was one of the most “inspiring” speeches they had ever heard. Clearly, some people found it more inspiring than others.

NFL Anthem Protests

Another interesting development that took place during the Super Bowl was the nationwide protest against police brutality and racial injustice. NFL fans took to the streets in various cities to show their support for black athletes and decry the use of force by law enforcement. Although there were no reported incidents of police brutality during the game, authorities said that there were dozens of protestors arrested after the game. Many of those arrests were for “failure to disperse” and “breach of the peace,” which are both misdemeanors. Only one person was arrested for assault.

The protests were in response to the deaths of George Floyd, Tony Robinson, and Keith Lamont Scott. The country, especially black communities, had been galvanized by the brutal murders of these three men, and they were looking for ways to let their voices be heard.

Trump made a brief appearance during the protests as some fans were kneeling during the National Anthem while others were marching peacefully. The president offered words of encouragement, saying, “Get that guy off the field!” After the national anthem, many people chanted “U.S.A!” while some waved signs that said “Black Lives Matter.” Some of those signs even had Trump’s name on them. (Incidentally, the fans who were chanting “U.S.A!” were on Ray Lewis’s team, the Baltimore Ravens. When the chanting stopped and Lewis saw the signs with Trump’s name on them, he reportedly shouted “Thank you, Donald!”)

On the pitch, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots defeated Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs, 31-20. As a result, the Patriots took home their third Super Bowl championship. But, it was Trump’s appearance that everyone will be talking about for the next several days.