How Much Would I Win Betting on McGregor?

One of the most talked about, and debated topics in recent memory is Georges St-Pierre vs. Conor McGregor. Rumors that the two were set to square off in a professional fight swirled around the media for months. The two finally settled their differences and agreed to meet face-to-face at the UFC 200 open workouts. With McGregor’s trademark taunting, the undefeated champion got under the skin of the Irishman, who entered UFC history as the first fighter to hold two undefeated streaks. After one of the greatest night of fights in UFC history, the talk of the town is how much would you win betting on McGregor? Well, the answer to that question is simply…it depends!

What Are The Odds To Win?

If you’ve wagered on sporting events before, you’ll know that the odds can vary greatly from one betting platform to another. The good news for bettors is that many online betting exchanges offer a wide range of sporting events with odds that are hard to beat. You’ll find the biggest selection of sports betting events anywhere, with odds that are as good as at the casinos. Naturally, this means you can place more winning bets without risking as much – provided you know how to!

The Money In Gaming

One of the best things about online betting is how much it has grown in recent years. Although sports betting was around long before the internet, there was always a need for an intermediary, be it a bookie or a casino, to settle bets between players. This meant that in order to place a wager, you would have to go to a physical location and make a deposit. The advent of online betting opened up all kinds of opportunities for people who love to gamble, as they could now place bets from the comfort of their home.

When Do You Cash Out?

Bets placed at the online betting exchanges are settled up to the minute – or almost. This means that rather than having to wait until the game you’re betting on is over, as in traditional sportsbooks, you can take your winnings as soon as your team wins or loses. However, this also means that you might have to wait a while before actually getting your winnings. There is no set cash out time in the case of online betting, so you’ll have to wait until the site where you made the wager credits your account or, if you’re using a debit card, until the bank approves the transaction. This can take a long time if you’re using a credit card, especially if there are no other customers in line at the time you place your bet – so be nice to the ATM!

What If You Lose?

Let’s say you’re using a credit card to make a deposit at one of the online betting exchanges and your card is declined. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be a problem, as you could always try again. However, if you’re using a debit card, there is a chance it could become suspended, which means you won’t be able to make any more transactions with that card. So, in that case, you’d have to find a different way to transfer the money you need – like a cashier’s check or a money order.

Final Takeaway

If you’re thinking about placing a wager on the UFC 200 fight between Conor McGregor and Georges St-Pierre, then it’s important to keep in mind the differences between the various platforms and ways to pay out. The good news is that with so many options, you can’t go wrong – as long as you know what you’re doing! Also, make sure to check the rules and regulations of the jurisdiction where you’re located, as some countries might not permit online gambling, or limit the kinds of bets you can make. Lastly, if you do end up losing, make sure you contact the relevant authorities as soon as possible – as in the event of a real life fight, so that they can keep an eye out for you and help you get your money back. So, as much as we’d like to see Conor McGregor vs. Georges St-Pierre 2: What Would You Win betting on It? It depends on where you want to bet and what you want to bet on, but we suspect that most people would win if they went with McGregor – the perceived favoritism towards the Irishman is hard to explain, but it’s definitely there. However, if you feel that Georges St-Pierre has what it takes to dethrone McGregor and that this will unfold with the greatest exhibition of boxing skills in UFC history, then we’d put our money on St-Pierre.