How Much Does It Cost to Win $650?

There is little doubt that one of the most popular Christmas/holiday gift ideas is branded merchandise – especially when it comes to technology gadgets. But what is the real cost of owning one of these items? Is it really as good as it seems? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

The Most Expensive Items On Walmart’s List

If we compare the top five brands from Walmart’s best-selling brands list with the average retail prices of the same models, we can see that four out of five of them are tech products, with the exception of Folio by Calvin Klein. The average retail price of these products is $547.89, which is far higher than the cost of a brand like Folio, which sells for $139.45 at Walmart.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these products.

The Top-Selling Branded Merchandise On Walmart’s List

As mentioned above, the top five brands on Walmart’s list are all related to technology. This is primarily because the retailer has positioned itself as the one-stop-shop for all things technology-related. If you compare this to the category’s average retail price of $239.91, it’s easy to see that technology has become one of Walmart’s biggest profit centers. In fact, the electronics category alone generated roughly $1.67 billion in sales, and 77.3% of all sales on the Walmart website during the last three months of 2018 came from electronics or computer stores.

One of the best-selling brands on Walmart’s list is Amazon. Its Echo smart speaker is the top-selling item with more than 1.6 million units sold worldwide, and its Kindle e-reader is the best-selling eReader with over 2.1 million copies sold. The Alexa-enabled devices from Amazon cost $89.99, and its Kindle e-reader is the cheapest item on the list with an average selling price of $54.31.

Apple is the third-largest brand on the list with more than 1.4 million units sold of its iPad and Mac computers. The company’s smart speakers, which include the HomePod and the more recent Apple TV+, retail for $169.99 and $169.99 respectively. While the iPad’s average selling price is $124.81, these devices have seen a huge increase in stock prices since their production ramped up in late 2017, raising many users’ expectations about what an iPad should cost.

Most Coveted iPhone Models On Walmart’s List

Besides technology, Walmart lists a variety of items related to the sports, outdoors, and lifestyle categories. One of the most popular products on this list is AirPods. These Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) wireless headphones were released in 2017 and have since then become a hot-selling item. More than 2.5 million units of the AirPods were sold during the last three months of 2018, which is a 52% increase from the previous year. Not only are they a product that people are buying in large quantities, but they are also seen as a status symbol and a premium purchase. The Apple AirPods retailed for $159.99 and have become an essential item for every household.

A fan of the New York Jets football team and owner of a merchandising company named after the team, Walton Brand Holdings, submitted this comment:

“I’ve been selling the Jets gear for over 15 years now and during that time, the Apple AirPods have always been a top-selling item. People love the simplicity and design of these products, and it’s not a coincidence that their popularity has grown alongside Apple’s own products. From the original Mac to the iPhone, every generation of Apple’s products has sold better than the last, and that holds true for the AirPods as well.”

From a status standpoint, people are also purchasing the Xiaomi Mi Mix. This is the second-generation of the popular Mi Mix phone. This handset’s sleek design and large battery make it a fashionable choice for those looking for a stylish phone that can last all day. The Xiaomi Mi Mix retails for $599.99 and has become an essential item for many. The brand previously reported year-over-year double-digit growth in 2018.

Most Expensive NFL Team Merchandise

The biggest increase in average selling price on the Walmart list comes from the New York Jets, which increased its prices by 16% from the previous year. It’s been awhile since the Jets have actually made the playoffs, but they did so in 2018 and have become a trendy pick amongst NFL fans. Their merchandise also gets plenty of play on social media.

The most expensive team on the list is the Dallas Cowboys. It’s been a good year for the cowboys as they made the playoffs for the first time in decades. Their fans can celebrate as the team’s jersey, helmets, and gloves have all seen an increase in price. Additionally, their fans can also purchase a full-blown replica of their famous star, which costs the brand nearly $700.

In the past year, there has been a dramatic increase in the cost of attending sporting events and games. The most expensive game of the year is the Super Bowl, which is the most-watched game of the year. The 2019 Super Bowl on Feb. 4 was the most-watched game in the history of the event, with 114.4 million viewers, according to the NFL.

The most expensive event that you can purchase tickets to is currently the Chinese New Year’s Eve Party at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. This is the most expensive event in the world, with a cost per ticket of $20,000, which is on the higher end of the price scale. This will be the 10th consecutive year of this event being sold out. Last year’s New Year’s Eve party also sold out, according to Ticketmaster.

This year’s theme for the New Year’s Eve party is “Peace and Prosperity,” and guests can purchase a limited edition hat to celebrate the occasion for $20,000. While this may seem like a lot of money, it’s only 4.2% of the average salary for a NFL player.

How Does The Cost Of Living In NYC Compare To The Cost Of Living In Other Cities?

Besides the obvious differences in cost of living, what else is there to consider when comparing the New York area to other cities? First of all, the cost of living in NYC is very high, even compared to other major US cities. This is largely due to the fact that the cost of living in NYC is mostly comprised of rent. The average one-bedroom apartment in NYC costs $24,000 per year, which is almost double the national average of $12,700, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Another difference between the New York area and the rest of the country is how the former handles snow and ice. While people in other parts of the country may still dread the sight of snow, in New York City, it’s just part of the landscape. Snow tires are required on most vehicles, and people have learned to handle snow and ice in a variety of ways. For example, many eateries in NYC offer a Champagne toast upon request if someone is celebrating a special occasion in a trendy location like Soho or Wall Street. The cost of living in NYC is so high that many people who work there simply need to save up enough money to purchase a home or condo in a warmer climate. The list of expensive cities in the United States is quickly becoming a list of deserted cities.

Do You Need A Credit Card To Make Major Purchases?

As an Amazon Associate I make a small commission on some of the products that you purchase from Amazon using my referral code. At the same time, I also get credit for recommending those products, and therefore receive a small commission. I don’t get paid for recommending other products. It’s a win-win for both of us.

It’s important to note that credit cards are not just for big-ticket items. Many sellers on Amazon, including myself, offer affordable payment plans for those who qualify. If you’re buying an item that costs less than $1000, you can often find a better deal and have it shipped for free if you meet the minimum spending requirement. The only downside is that if you do qualify for this benefit, you will be charged an annual fee.