How Much Do You Win Betting on Conor McGregor?

The man behind the scenes on the biggest stages. Behind the stats and numbers, the dirty secrets and hidden stories.

For years, Conor McGregor has been a source of controversy. Whether it’s been his trash-talking or his success on the sports stage, the former UFC champion has never been short of headlines or social media posts.

Now that he’s set to make his boxing debut, McGregor’s star is on the rise. Just how big is it rising to? Let’s dive in.

Conor McGregor’s Rise To Fame

Before McGregor made the leap to mixed martial arts, the Irishman had already established himself as one of sports’ great improvers. In 2011, McGregor made his professional boxing debut, stopping veteran Daniel Amster in the first round. A few months later, McGregor won his first professional boxing match, an upset win over undefeated Englishman Michael Sidner. The following year saw McGregor claim the interim championship of the super middleweight division, stopping Italian Davide Marcello in the sixth round.

Then in 2015, McGregor set a new world record by becoming the first fighter to simultaneously hold the titles of UFC lightweight and featherweight champion. In the same year, McGregor also began an open-handed attack on social media, starting with his now-legendary tweet:

“Did u think this was a hoax atcha? Ha ha ha. Just because I’m quiet on Twitter doesn’t mean I’m taking a break. Believe me, I’m working hard. I’m training hard. I’m eating clean. I’m preparing for a war.”

The tweet earned McGregor the ire of the UFC, who felt he was disrespecting their accomplishment by implying that he thought his fights were fake. Shortly after this, the UFC stripped McGregor of his lightweight title and fined him a reported $25,000 for conduct violations.

Since then, McGregor has largely stayed away from Twitter, but has continued to make waves in the boxing world. In late 2018, McGregor signed a contract with World Boxing Super Series promoter Eddie Hearn, sealing his departure from the UFC and paving the way for his boxing debut.

The Rise Of The Fighter

While McGregor’s star has risen in the boxing world, it’s not been all smooth sailing. Indeed, the Irishman has faced a number of controversies and mishaps on his journey to the top. Here’s a look at some of them.

Conor McGregor’s Haircut

During his time in the UFC, McGregor quickly became one of the promotion’s biggest stars. With his boyish good looks and exciting in-cage performances, ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Season 1 winner and former UFC lightweight champion quickly became one of mixed martial arts’ most recognizable figures. But in 2016, McGregor was less than impressed with the state of his head of hair. In an interview with The New York Times, McGregor lamented, “I used to have the most beautiful hair in the world, but now it’s just a mess.” In the same interview, McGregor also discussed the challenges of training while simultaneously campaigning for a seat on Ireland’s Congressional Budget Office. Asked about his thoughts on housing and homelessness, McGregor responded:

“There’s a lot of people sleeping on the streets [in Dublin]. It’s terrible. The shelters are at capacity, and the streets are filling up with people again. There needs to be more done about it. There’s a lot of people who are homeless, even though they have a home. They can’t pay the heating bills, or the rent is due. So it’s very sad.”

The Trash Talking And Bad Raving

Just because McGregor made the leap to boxing doesn’t mean he’s turning over a new leaf. Far from it. While he’s stopped short of directly challenging the champ, Floyd Mayweather, in a public forum, McGregor still thinks he’s the best combat sports athlete in the world. And he’ll say it loudly, proudly, and with his trademark smile. “I am the greatest, I am the best, there’s no one in between,” McGregor declared in an interview with TMZ, appearing to contradict himself slightly.

When McGregor wasn’t busy talking up a storm in interviews, the UFC champion was busy trash-talking his opponents. In addition to his infamous ‘You’re not the boss of me’ chant, McGregor once referred to Jose Aldo as “a piece of shit,” prompting the UFC featherweight champion to file a complaint with the Nevada Athletic Commission. While this may have been a breach of etiquette, McGregor was fully supportive of his actions and even boasted about them on social media after the match. And with his new found celebrity, it seems only right that McGregor has found a way to monetize his activities. Here’s a look at how he’s doing it.

Conor McGregor’s Book

In 2017, McGregor published a memoir of his time in the UFC. Titled, ‘The Art And Science of Fight Preparation’, the book contains interviews with top level experts in the field of boxing, as well as anecdotes from McGregor’s own journey to the top of the sport. The book also serves as a manual on fight preparation for his legions of followers, chronicling the inner workings of one of sport’s greatest ever teams, The Trinity, who were his trainers throughout his UFC career. The book also features several chapters on trash-talking and reveals a side to the Irishman that many of his fans didn’t know existed. Here’s an excerpt from an interview with The New York Times:

“To be honest, I didn’t talk like that [trash-talking]. I just did it. It was something I grew up with, something natural to me. But it was something I didn’t say publicly. I was always taught that you don’t discuss opponents with your teammates, because if you do, then they know what’s coming and they can game-plan around it. People expect a lot from me now, so when I do talk, I like to keep things personal. I don’t want to give anything away.”

The McGregor Effect

Since the publication of ‘The McGregor Effect’, McGregor’s stock has risen significantly in the boxing world. Several high-profile fights have been touted as possible courses of action for McGregor’s upcoming boxing debut, as well as a number of established boxers have taken a keen interest in the UFC champion. Here’s a look at who’s interested in facing Conor McGregor in the boxing ring and why.

Floyd Mayweather

The biggest name on this list doesn’t come as a huge surprise. Aside from being one of the most recognizable figures in sports, Mayweather is also one of the world’s greatest boxers. A 14-time world champion, Mayweather has already defeated McGregor’s team, The Trinity, on more than one occasion. In fact, Mayweather’s trainer, Roger Mayweather, even appeared as a coach on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ during its early seasons. Although the fight will undoubtedly be a challenge for McGregor, it would also be a dream come true for the undefeated champion. Money talks, and it seems that Mayweather is listening.

Mike Tyson

Another heavyweight star with a recent interest in facing McGregor is Mike Tyson. The former three-time heavyweight champion has been on a professional boxing comeback since his incarceration in 2004. Since then, Tyson has faced a number of lackluster opponents, seemingly lacking both the mental and physical wherewithal to pose a threat to the world’s most iconic boxer. However, with 39 wins and only two losses over the last 22 years, Tyson could be entering the twilight of his career with a bang. With his massive ego and fearsome reputation, could Tyson finally get the redemption he so desperately seeks? Time will only tell.

Joe Louis

While Tyson and Mayweather will undoubtedly be the biggest names on this list, it wouldn’t be a true reflection of McGregor’s rise to fame if he didn’t garner interest from some of the sport’s greats. The story of Joe Louis begins almost 100 years ago, when the legendary boxer was introduced to the world during a time when people still dreamed of being able to turn pro. Since then, Louis’ career has spanned five decades and earned him a spot in the Hall of Fame. With a record of 80 wins and 20 losses, Louis would undoubtedly provide a stiff challenge to the UFC champion. However, with his retirement years coming to an end, could Louis finally get the fight he longs for? Time will tell.