How Much Does the New England Patriots Have to Win by in the Betting Line?

The NFL season is almost upon us! With the opening of the new season comes the chance for new bookmakers to shine and offer better odds than their competitors. This year, several new bookmakers have sprung up to take on the challenge offering better lines and more welcoming platforms.

One of the biggest changes is the Patriots have a new bookmaker, which means they have a number of new odds to offer. Will they be able to adjust to their newfound success? Will they continue to defy the odds and prove themselves to be one of the best teams ever? It’s time for you to find out, which is why today, we’re going to tell you how much the New England Patriots have to win by in the betting line. More importantly, we’re also going to tell you who the best odds makers are for the Patriots this NFL season.

How Much Can The Patriots Win By In The Betting Line?

We’re not just talking about regular season games here. The Patriots have the opportunity to rack up some serious championship points. If they manage to pull off an undefeated season, that is 16 games without a loss, they would shatter several betting line single-game records. The most significant of those records would be;

  • Most wins in a season – 16 (tied with 2019 New York Yankees)
  • Most consecutive wins – 15 (tied with 2015 Denver Broncos and 2014 San Francisco 49ers)
  • Most consecutive unbeaten weeks – 9 (tied with 2017 Denver Broncos and 2014 Arizona Cardinals)
  • Most points scored in a season – 416 (tied with 2016 Denver Broncos and 2018 New York Giants)
  • Most offensive yards in a season – 5664 (tied with 1998 Chicago Bears and 2019 New York Jets)
  • Most touchdowns scored in a season – 54 (tied with 2017 Denver Broncos and 2015 Kansas City Chiefs)
  • Most points scored in a single game – 58 (tied with 2010 New England Patriots)
  • Most wins in a single game – 7 (tied with 1974 Philadelphia Eagles and 1963 Cleveland Browns)

Even if they don’t achieve all of those records, they will still be favorites to win the Super Bowl given how dominant they have been for the past decade or so. Backing the favorite in nearly all sports is one of the simplest, yet most profitable techniques in sports wagering. It is also one of the most popular betting styles among sports bettors. Simply put, the Patriots have a good chance of winning by a large margin and you should absolutely consider backing them in all of your bets.

How Bad Do The Odds Actually Look For The Patriots?

If you’re looking to wade into the world of sports wagering, but don’t know where to start, then start by looking at the odds. A good place to start is by looking at the odds for the New England Patriots. While you might assume that since this is a team that has been so dominant for so long that the odds would be pretty low, that isn’t the case at all. In fact, the Patriots are the favorites to win the Super Bowl this year, with the bookmakers giving them -170 odds. That means you’d have to wager $170 to win $100 on a New England Patriots NFL football game.

Looking at the odds for the rest of the NFL champion season would only make you scratch your head in confusion. After all, isn’t the entire premise of drafting a team around a championship-caliber quarterback? Shouldn’t the odds on that be favorable? Well, actually, no. The New York Jets have the second best odds to win the Super Bowl this year, at +105. You’d have to wager $105 to win $100 on a Jets game.

What’s going on here? First of all, the Patriots are still the team to beat. For a roster that is largely made up of players who were drafted between 2011 and 2015, that is undoubtedly the case. Second of all, wagering on the underdogs is a great way to go. Even if you think the favorites are going to win, there is always that chance that the underdogs will rise up and prove everyone wrong. Third of all, wagering on teams that haven’t won in a while is also a great way to go. Just because a team hasn’t won in a while doesn’t mean that they aren’t good or that their odds are bad. It simply means that it is time for them to rise up and win some games.

Walking through the world of sports wagering can be a little overwhelming at first, but with a little bit of effort, it is definitely doable. If you’re looking for a new way to wager on sports, then looking at the odds for the New England Patriots might just be the ticket for you. Simply put, it is always a great idea to look at the odds before you make your first wager.