How Much Does Sports Betting Make a Year?

The amount of money that individuals are wagering on sporting events is increasing, and apparently so is the betting tax! The UK government has acknowledged that problem, announcing plans to hike taxes on wagers in light of the ‘national addiction to gambling’. It’s fair to assume that other countries will follow suit, so it’s time for sports fans to start thinking about where to spend their money and whether or not to continue wagering. Keep reading for some interesting facts about how much money is being made and how the betting world works.

Wagering Is On the Rise

The UK Gaming Association report “The State of UK Gambling 2016” reveals some interesting information about the growth of gambling in the country. It reveals that 86.2 million adults in the UK now gamble regularly, with 28.8 million of them regularly playing sports betting. Now, one in five adults in the UK is now playing some form of gambling. The UK government clearly sees the issue as a problem, with the association’s head Richard Wilson describing the increase in wagering as “really alarming.”

The report also notes a concerning trend regarding those who are playing sports betting. In 2015, there were 5.8 million new wagers placed on sports events each week in the UK. If this trend continues, there will soon be more people playing sports betting than there are people playing football!

Even in the United States, which has a substantially smaller population than the UK, there were 28.3 million adult wagers in 2016. That’s 80% of the population. It would be interesting to see how much more sports betting there is in the U.S., which has a much larger population than the UK.

The World’s Largest Sportsbook Is in Britain

If you’re a sports betting fan, you might be wondering where to place your next wager. The best option is almost certainly going to be the UK. Not only does the country have some of the world’s best golf courses and some of the best stadiums/arena’s for sports fans to enjoy, but it also recently gave birth to the biggest sportsbook in history. BetVictor was established way back in 1932 and handles all of the UK’s sports bets. If you’re new to the scene, it’s a great place to start. With over 80 years of experience in the industry, they’ll be able to take care of all of your betting needs.

How Much Does Sports Betting Make Nationwide?

The UK government collects a lot of money from sports betting. In fact, this year they were able to raise £2.34 billion in taxes, which is more than double the £1.11 billion they raised in 2015. Of course, this is only from the bets placed in the UK. The government has not revealed how much money they have raised from online casinos or those betting on horse racing outside of the country.

What Is the Average Earnings of a Sports Agent?

Even among football fans, there’s a strong demand for sports agents. According to the International Game Agent Association, the average income of a sports agent is around £67,000 per year. The job can be incredibly demanding, especially as there are a limited number of reputable jobs in the field. Typically, an agent’s clients will be professional athletes, with the ability to command large salaries. The top tier of sports agents can charge up to £150,000 per year for their services.

Getting into the field requires both excellent knowledge of sports and a thorough understanding of how the legal system and industries work. By choosing this career path, you will be putting in the years of training to become the best sports agent in the country. It’s a tough road, but it’s a rewarding one. Just make sure that you understand what your responsibilities are before you get started. You don’t want to make the same mistakes as former professional sports agent Aaron Friedmann, who was sentenced to 18 months in prison for a litany of offences related to his job. He was convicted for misconduct in 2009 and 2011. Fortunately, Friedmann was found not guilty of a third charge in February 2018. He was also ordered to pay a £500,000 fine to the government.

The Most Popular Sports In the UK

Football, golf, horse racing, and rugby are the four most popular sports in the UK. The data from Sportsbookie came from a survey of 2,000 UK adults. The sample had to have a good deal of demographic parity, with equal numbers of men and women as well as an even spread across age groups. Its findings were verified through statistical analysis. What are your thoughts on the most popular sports in the UK? Do you agree with the results? Let us know in the comments below!

The information above should put an end to any doubt about whether or not to get involved in sports betting. It should also make it pretty clear how much money can be made from wagering on sporting events and which country has the greatest interest in sports betting.