How Much Should a Betting Unit Be?

In the interests of transparency and in line with new regulations implemented by the UK’s Gambling Commission, here at Bookmaker we have compiled a small guide detailing the minimal standards of equipment that a bookmaker must adhere to. It is important to note that while the UKGC regulations only cover the casino and gaming industries, the same standards apply to the betting industry as a whole.

Betting Areas

One of the most fundamental aspects of any betting establishment is the seating and the surrounding area. As a minimum, each sportsbook must have 10 betting areas, which are conveniently located around the perimeter of the venue and arranged so that patrons can move between them quickly and easily. The best sportsbooks will have more than 20 betting areas spread throughout the casino floor. The areas should be big enough to accommodate a small group of people comfortably, yet small enough to allow for easy movement around the casino.

Each betting area must have a TV monitor, either built into the counter or hung on the wall behind it. Monitors should be large enough to provide clear images and sound quality, and arranged so that they can be seen and heard by all patrons in the area.

Wireless (WiFi) internet access is also becoming increasingly common, and many top casinos these days provide their sports fans with free WiFi hotspots throughout the premises. Being able to connect to the internet on the move is one of the ultimate luxuries for a sports fan who loves to stay in touch with friends, watch live TV, and place bets wherever and whenever he chooses. It makes day-to-night activities much less of a chore, and lets you be spontaneous without having to worry about missing any live matches or events due to lack of WiFi coverage or inadequate speed.

Each betting area must have a kettle, coffee machine, and water dispensers located nearby to provide hot and cold drinks, and also to discourage excessive drinking and gaming, respectively. The best casinos will have all of these little luxuries located within easy reach of each betting area.

Security Cameras

One of the most devastating crimes in any casino or betting establishment is the theft of money or jewellery. To prevent this, security cameras must be positioned so that they can easily monitor all areas of the casino/bookmaker, including the roof, upper floors, and perimeter. It is also highly beneficial for the owners of casinos/bookmarks to have video evidence of any incidents that may occur during opening hours, for insurance purposes.

The ideal scenario is one where security cameras cover every inch of the venue, with two cameras positioned on either side of the entrance, and one above the ceiling in each corner. The centre camera should ideally be pointed at the playing area so that the casino can monitor activity, while the other cameras are aimed at the areas surrounding the betting areas to monitor any potential thieves – especially in the corners, where they may easily hide.

Fire Extinguishers

Any sort of fire or smoke emergency in a casino is extremely dangerous and should be treated with the utmost urgency. The very first thing that a casino owner will do in such a situation is to pull down the fire extinguishers located around the perimeter of the building and in the vicinity of the toilets and, if possible, the stairwells. These must be emptied and cleaned regularly to maintain their effectiveness.

The ideal scenario is one where there are multiple extinguishers located around the building in case one of them runs out of power or is damaged. In the event of a fire, an owner must also know where the fire brigade and fire exit signs are located within the building so that they can be sure that all relevant information is provided to firefighters and others who need to quickly evacuate the casino/bookmaker.

Smoke Alarms & Sprinklers

While watching sports and placing wagers is an intrinsically relaxing pastime, it can also become rather annoying if you’re constantly interrupted by false alarms generated by old or malfunctioning smoke detectors. For this reason, every casino/bookmaker must install and maintain a sprinkler system that can be triggered by any existing alarm or automated fire extinguisher. It is also advisable to set up some sort of dampening system in case there is a loud alarm and people are rushing to safety, potentially damaging or collapsing ceilings and walls in the process. This is why many casinos and bookmakers invest in expensive luxury items such as this as a part of their security strategy.

The ideal scenario is one where there are at least two sets of interconnected sprinklers located around the building in case one of them fails. In the event of a sprinkler activation, all floors will be covered, thus providing the casino/bookmaker with a water-tight seal. This also protects against the possibility of ceiling or floor collapsing due to excessive water damage.

Whether you choose to go down the luxury route or go fully-fledged with the basics, the most important thing is to keep your eyes open for details that may constitute an additional security risk.