How Much Would it Cost to Bet a Superfector for Belmont Stakes?

The world’s biggest horse race is coming up and it’s one of the most popular races worldwide. The Belmont Stakes will take place on June 10 and it’s considered one of the most prestigious horse races. You might be wondering how much it would cost to bet on a Superfector for this particular race and the answer is $550, which is already pretty high. However, since this is an unprecedented event, consider the following:

The Odds Are In Favor Of A Superfector

The early odds for the Belmont Stakes are currently in favor of the favorite, Superfector. The 6-year-old has been training well and he has an excellent record of 4-0-2 in his last 6 races. He’s undefeated in his last 10 races and if he wins this one, he will likely be the prohibitive favorite for the remainder of the summer.

The problem with Superfector is that he is a bit of a mystery horse. He is owned by a partnership between Zayat Stables and the Claivant family and no one seems to know for certain where he stands in the studbook. According to some sources, he may not even be registered with the American Stud Book. This is a major red flag, especially since the rules clearly state that all thoroughbreds must be registered with some form of official documentation.

The Jockey Is Also An Unknown Factor

The driver for the Superfector is also an unknown factor. The 6-year-old has been partnered with various jockeys and he has yet to find one that stands out. He had two straight wins in the 2016 Breeders’ Cup, but he was partnered with a very inexperienced jockey in those two races. It is very likely that this partnership will not continue and Zayat Stables will be searching for a new jockey for the big race.

The Track Is Also An Unknown Factor

The track at Belmont Park is also an unknown factor. Although the track is in good shape and it usually suits Superfector’s style, it is still an unknown variable. The Jockey Club released a statement last week saying that the track surface “needs to be improved.” Hopefully, they will have the racecourse ready for the big day.

How Much Would it Cost To Bet Against Superfector?

If you are looking for a long shot, you might want to consider backing the 5-1 underdog, Noble Jewel. The 4-year-old colt has had a rough patch of form, but he is still considered a long shot in the world of horse racing. Although he hasn’t won a race yet, he has also not lost, so he is showing tremendous resilience. If you want to back the underdog, you have to make a $550 deposit plus a $15,000 wager, which comes out to about $670.

If you want to hedge your bets and you think that perhaps Superfector will pull an upset, you might want to consider putting down a $1000 deposit plus a $33,000 wager, which comes out to about $333. It’s still a bit risky, but if you want to take a chance on the underdog, you have to work with what you’ve got.

The Weather In Boston Is Warm

The weather in Boston is relatively mild and it usually doesn’t get too bad. It will be in the high 50s Fahrenheit with sunny skies. In comparison, the high temperature in Brooklyn is typically in the low 40s and it can get windy and cold. However, in terms of betting, the temperature doesn’t matter. If you are betting on the horses, you will need to consider the wind chill.

The Crowds Are Getting More And More Attractive

Last year, people on Twitter reported that the crowd was “thrilling” to watch the Belmont Stakes. This year, the atmosphere looks even better. According to Matt Condon of the New York Times, the atmosphere was “electric” and “borderline scary” at the Belmont Stakes in 2016. The article states that there were more than 18,000 people in attendance and many felt that attendance was a bit excessive. However, that may have been because they were expecting a classic upset and they wanted to make sure that they were in the right place to see it. If they had known that Superfector would win, then perhaps the crowd might not have been as large.

The TV Coverage Is Excellent

The TV coverage for the Belmont Stakes is excellent. The New York Times article stated that the TV production at the Belmont Stakes was “stunning.” This year’s edition will be shown live in 190 countries with the TV rights holder, Sky Sports. Even more impressively, the entire season of the Belmont Stakes will be shown live in the UK, including the prestigious St. Leger Stakes. Sky Sports acquired the exclusive live UK TV rights to all of the big horse races for the 2018 season and it’s possible that there will be some sort of package available for the World Cup, as well.

The Sponsors Are Looking Out For The Best Interests

The sponsors for the Belmont Stakes are also looking out for the best interests of the participants. The organizers have implemented several safety measures for the safety of the participants, spectators, and staff. One such measure is a temporary barbed wire fence that will be set up around the racecourse. The article in the New York Times states that there were “zero concerns with regards to safety” at the Belmont Stakes. This is clearly a well-intentioned precaution and while it might be a bit daunting at first, the measures appear to be working. Hopefully, the organizers will keep the safety of the participants and the integrity of the sport in mind at all times.

The fact that this is an all-weather race means there is no such thing as bad weather when it comes to betting. You will always be able to find someone willing to take your bets, no matter what. The only downside to a June 10 date is that it gets a bit cold at night in June. There is also the small matter of the travel to and from the racecourse. If you are driving, there will be plenty to keep you busy for the entire race. The scenery along the way is also rather beautiful and it’s not something you would have experienced if you hadn’t taken the time to visit the area.

It’s a shame that so few people will be able to attend the Belmont Stakes this year. The turnout for the last ten years has become quite small and it’s not clear why. Hopefully, the organizers will find a way to restore some of the magic of the Belmont Stakes and interest in the event will increase.