How Much Would You Have Won Betting on Mayweather?

Any welterweight fight is always a blockbuster, especially when one of the main combatants is the undefeated boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr. When Mayweather, now 37 years old, steps into the ring, he is always accompanied by a chorus of adoring fans. His record speaks for itself: five world championships, eighteen wins in as many fights, and an astonishing $44 million bank account to show for it.

Not only is he one of the greatest boxers of all time, he is also one of the most charismatic sports figures of all time. His celebrity transcends boxing, appearing in films like Barbershop and the upcoming Black Panther (2018), where he plays a key role. Despite his popularity, however, few people know much about his actual fighting ability. It is fair to say, then, that a $200 bet on his rival, Miguel Cotto, would not have been a particularly wise investment.

Cotto does not enjoy the same degree of popularity as Mayweather, but the Puerto Rican boxer has been around long enough to collect some wins over the years. His most recent bout was in May 2017, where he stopped Andres Gutierrez in the tenth round to become the mandatory challenger for Mayweather’s WBC belt. A win over Gutierrez, a winnable fight for Cotto, would have catapulted him to superstar status in the sport. Instead, Cotto is considered to be among the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, but his stock is currently at an all-time low.

How To Derive Proportionate Wins From Proportionate Losses

It is well known that Mayweather prefers to fight only a few times a year, mainly because his body is unable to withstand the rigors of continuous competitive bouts. A similar situation applies to many older boxers who retire after falling prey to injuries or ailments. These factors make it extremely difficult to compare actual win-loss ratios when compiling box-score information for fights that took place years ago. To get around these issues, ESPN has developed an algorithm that allows for a more precise analysis of past fights by taking into account factors such as age and the number of fights that individual contenders have participated in. Using this analysis, one can determine the exact level of skill that Mayweather and Cotto display in their professional fights.

The Most Relevant Wins For Mayweather

When it comes to the question of whether or not to bet on Mayweather, a crucial consideration is to examine his recent fights and determine which ones are the most relevant to the present. In this way, one can find the fights that are most similar to the ones that he is currently engaged in, and establish a clearer picture of his actual fighting style. For example, a lot has changed since Mayweather last fought in 2010. His opponents have gotten a lot better, particularly at boxing, and the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) scene has exploded, creating an entirely new set of challenges for the champion. This being said, one can easily find ten or more wins from Mayweather’s last sixteen bouts, which is extremely promising for potential gamblers. Of course, one can’t always assume that the level of competition will translate successfully to the big screen, but it’s still a promising sign that his last few bouts were so competitive and entertaining.

A closer look at some of Mayweather’s most recent fights reveals a number of trends that can be used to assess his style and predict how he will perform in the future. First, it is clear that he is adapting his game plan based on the opponent he faces. For example, he generally chooses to fight more defensively against orthodox opponents, since they pose a less physical threat to him than the diverse mix of styles that he normally faces. In the upcoming fight against Cotto, however, Mayweather has chosen to go in the opposite direction, attacking his opponent with a heavy dose of right hand leads, which is a risky strategy for a guy who is usually a step ahead of his opponents. The final selection of tactics will depend on how well Cotto prepares for the bout, and how game he turns out to be.

Mayweather has also evolved to become a better counterpuncher, willing to wait his opponents out and exhaust them with his superior skill instead of immediately going in for the kill. His jab and his commitment to a counterpunching style have certainly paid off in recent fights, as he has relied less heavily on his power and more on his wits. The same can be said for his fight against Shane Mosley in 2011, where he was the considerably bigger man and appeared to delight in taking a brutal beating from one of the sport’s fiercest rivals. The strategy worked, as Mayweather won a clear-cut decision that many, including Mosley himself, feel was a little too easy.

Cotto Is A Dangerous Combatant

One of the reasons why a bet on Cotto would not have been a good idea is that he is a very dangerous combatant. Despite his considerable athletic gifts, Cotto is always one step behind when he enters the ring, mentally if not physically. Many observers feel that his problems in recent years are due to injuries sustained in previous fights, and the mental and physical fatigue that comes with trying to keep up with the grueling schedule that is required of a boxer. Even his coach, Mike Bronzoulis, has stated that even when Cotto is not competing, his body is not at peace, and that he could literally catch a cold just by being in the same room as another person.

The combination of Cotto’s awkward personality and his frequent injuries has led many people to believe that he is a walking time bomb, and that any fight he competes in is essentially a matter of when, not if, he will injure himself. If the above description fits you, or you know someone like it, then it would be unwise to wager on Cotto. It is fair to say that Mayweather would have had a much easier time defeating his recent opponents if they were not already highly compensated for the fights that they agreed to participate in. Hopefully, Cotto will be able to put his injuries behind him and get back to proving the doubters and naysayers wrong. For now, however, it would be best for both parties if they agreed to never fight each other.

Prediction: Mayweather WINS

Based on the available evidence, it is fair to say that Mayweather will win the upcoming bout against Cotto. Mayweather will keep his WBC belt and continue to prove that he is still the best in the sport, which, given his age, is no easy task. Even though Cotto is a talented boxer in his own right, the statistics say that Mayweather will breeze through the competition and put on yet another exciting display for his admiring fans.