How Much Would You Win Betting on Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather?

There’s no question about it—boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) are two of the most exciting sports around. While it’s always great to watch the pros play, there is something about betting on the matches that makes them even more exciting to watch. One of the most hyped matches of the year will be Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather on August 27th in Las Vegas, where boxing’s granddaddy will finally meet its challenger. While McGregor is the overwhelming favorite in this fight (and rightfully so), we at put together an analysis of how much you would win betting on this fight, using OddsShark to get the best lines and odds available. Keep reading for more information on this year’s match-up and what exactly you’ll need to do to win big…

How Much Do You Stand To Win?

Conor McGregor’s star is rising fast, and his debut as a professional boxer last year made him a millionaire several times over. This year alone, he’s become a major draw for boxing promoters, appearing on major pay-per-view shows numerous times. He’s also become a role model for young people trying to follow in his footsteps, and there’s no question that boxing is a game he’ll be playing for the rest of his life. What’s more is that he’s always found an opponent he truly enjoys going against—most recently, he’s said that he’s looking forward to facing off against Manny Pacquiao a third time. That type of attitude makes McGregor a very desirable match for any sports book. 

But even if he’s having fun, this year’s match against Mayweather won’t be business as usual for McGregor. The Irishman is going to be taking on Floyd Mayweather, a man he’s openly stated has always been his dream opponent, and it’ll be the first time that they’ve ever fought. Mayweather, who is entering his 20th year as a professional boxer, is still widely considered the best of his generation, and although there’s no question that McGregor is going to have his hands full, this is a fight most people are genuinely excited about. Not only that, but it’ll also be one of the most lucrative battles in history. With UFC president Dana White saying the bout could generate over a billion dollars, it’s clear that there will be plenty of money on the line.

The Odds Shaped Perfectly

There are a lot of reasons why this year’s match-up between McGregor and Mayweather is getting so much hype. One of the most important is the fact that both men are well-matched and extremely skilled competitors who bring a lot of excitement to the table. In the end, though, it’s going to come down to which one you believe will emerge victorious. While both men have demonstrated an incredible ability to recover from knockdowns, the advantage goes to the champ, as Mayweather has yet to be defeated in 25 professional fights (26 including an initial disqualification). He’s also never been dominated throughout a 12-round bout. To put this into perspective, McGregor has suffered only one knockout loss in his entire career (and that was a disqualification in the 4th round against Diego Sanchez last year), while also being one of the best judges of talent in the sport. On the other hand, Mayweather is known for his high work rate and ability to outpoint opponents. If you’re a fan of either fighter, then this is definitely going to be a fight you’ll want to be following closely.

What’s The Best Way To Place A Bet?

As already stated, this year’s match-up between McGregor and Mayweather is one of the most anticipated events of the year. If you’re looking to make some money from this fight, then you can’t go wrong betting on McGregor. The fact is, we already mentioned why he’s such an attractive proposition, and that’s not even the half of it. Aside from the fact that he’s already a millionaire at just 23 years old, McGregor also gives you the opportunity to win big without making too much financial investment. While it’s always great to try and predict the outcome of a fight with some degree of certainty, it’s often more rewarding to bet on the outcome and see if your hunch is right. Even if you’re wrong, you’ll still come out ahead financially speaking.

What About The Late-Betting Mania?

One of the great things about this year’s match-up between McGregor and Mayweather is that both men have demonstrated an ability to draw large audiences and retain a devoted following. It’s well-established that McGregor is an eerily accurate judge of talent, and that type of ability will serve him well in the boxing ring. He’s also demonstrated a knack for marketing himself and his fights, which have proven to be incredibly valuable in today’s world of professional sports. If you want to profit from this fight, then you can’t go wrong placing a late-bet on McGregor. He is, in other words, a perfect example of a fight to place small bets on—unless, of course, you want to bet on Mayweather. The thing about McGregor, though, is that he’s not just in the boxing ring—he also competes in MMA, so you have the opportunity to win big from a non-boxing standpoint as well.

Final Takeaway

Ultimately, this year’s match-up between McGregor and Mayweather is one to savor. Not only do you get to see two of the greatest athletes of our generation square off, but you also get to place wagers on their athletic prowess. It’s an enticing offer, and even if you’re not a fan of either sport, you should still be able to find something to enjoy about this year’s showdown. Even if you’re not trying to profit from the event, there’s still so much to love about two of the greatest boxers of all time facing off against each other. It’s truly a memorable event that you won’t soon forget.