How Often Do Betting Odds Change for the Election?

Every four years there’s an election and, like clockwork, bookmakers take a tumble. The 2016 US presidential election was no different as the odds of Hillary Clinton becoming the next US president shortened dramatically. From early on in the race, the Democrat was trading at around 11/2 to 1, a near 40% discount to the market rate. While some might see this as good news for those who backed her, it could be dangerous for those who bet on her. After all, if the market has decided that her odds are almost 40% less than what you were offered, is it wise to continue placing bets on her? Or maybe you’ve got Trump fever and you think he has a great chance of winning. That could still prove costly as, at one point, his odds were even with Hillary’s. If you’re curious, you can check out our guide to the odds for the US election.

What Is The Market Rate For The US Presidential Election?

If you’re looking to place a bet on the US presidential election, you’ll first need to consider the market rate. This is the price bookmakers are willing to pay to receive a wager. For example, if you place a $10 bet on the election, the bet will be credited as $20 if Trump is elected and $10 if Hillary is elected. Let’s look at the odds for the upcoming presidential election:

Hillary Clinton

The odds of Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 presidential election are 7/2 at the moment, which is an extremely popular pick among sportsbooks. This is mostly because she is seen as the safe choice for US voters. After all, she is the only candidate for the Democrats and she has been in the public eye for many years now. Her experience as Secretary of State is also widely regarded as a positive. When Clinton finally does win and become the country’s first female president, it will certainly be a historic event.

On the negative side, it’s been said that she can be stiff in debates and somewhat robotic in her public speaking. Furthermore, her perceived lack of authenticity has also been cited as a possible reason why she is not yet the favorite of the American people. If you’re interested in Hillary Clinton, it is essential that you follow her schedule carefully as she’ll be making several appearances leading up to the election. This is especially important if you’re looking to place bets as you’ll need to do so before each event to ensure you get your money back. Also, keep in mind that Clinton is not yet on the ballot in all states. For example, Arkansas, which will be holding its primary election on March 4th, has not yet set its vote for Hillary. In some states, like Florida and Texas, it is not yet clear whether or not she will be on the ballot. If you’re curious, you can check out our guide to where to find the candidates’ names on the ballot.

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush is the brother and son of two former US presidents and is therefore considered to be the “establishment” candidate for the Republicans. This is important because it means he has a good chance of winning against likely Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. He’s relatively inexperienced, having never held elective office. This might also work in his favor as some voters feel he is not as political as Clinton. However, much like Clinton, Bush can be a little dull at times and his robotic deliveries during debates are sometimes met with groans from the audience. Furthermore, Bush has never really done well in the polls, usually landing somewhere in the low to mid-teens. If this continues, it could spell trouble for the Bush campaign.

On the other hand, Bush has many advantages. He is fluent in Spanish, which will no doubt come in handy if he decides to travel abroad on a regular basis. Furthermore, being a native speaker of the language could give him an edge when communicating with people who only know English. Finally, his brother, George W. Bush, was one of the most popular and successful presidents of the past century. This undoubtedly helps his campaign and his image as a family man who can carry on a successful presidency.

Donald Trump

Trump is the anti-establishment candidate, which is probably why he has done so well in the polls recently. The real estate magnate has never held political office and has instead relied on his business acumen to become wealthy. This has allowed him to fund his own campaign, which is a major feat for any would-be president. In terms of policy, Trump has made his intentions clear: He believes in dismantling much of what the current administration has done and replacing it with “common sense” policies that benefit American citizens. This has made him a major favorite for those who want to see radical change in Washington.

One major issue for Trump is that he has stated that he does not support the two-party system. Because of this, he has refused to join the Republican Party, which is looking to nominate him for president. This is why he is running as an independent and is also why he is attracting support from the left as well as the right. If he were to win, it would certainly be a historic event as Trump would be the first independent president since George Washington in 1789. However, as impressive as this might be, it would also be quite costly for those who backed him. It is estimated that placing a bet on Trump will cost you around $10 to $20 initially, with possible returns as high as $40 or more if he were to win. This is a lot of money for a layman like yourself to risk on one presidential candidate. Perhaps consider waiting until after the first round of primaries to make a decision. This way, if Trump does eventually win, the financial repercussions will be minimized.

Which Of The Candidates Do You Want To Back?

It is almost certain that one of the candidates will end up being the next president of the United States. It’s just a matter of who. The Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton, the Republicans nominate Jeb Bush or the Donald Trump. However, as we’ve established, betting odds can be quite complicated, which is why we’ve gone ahead and made a decision for you. We think that, as a sports fan, you’ll have a better understanding of who will win based on their odds. Thus, we are backing Hillary Clinton for president.

Let’s take a look at the stats. Historically, the candidate with the most votes wins the race. It’s as simple as that. So, if you want to back a winner, it is essential that you vote in the upcoming primaries. This can be done by contacting your local election officials or look them up online. Furthermore, if you want to back Trump, you may need to consider moving to Canada as he will not be allowed to run for president due to a treaty with Mexico. If he were to win the election, he would be unable to assume his new role as president as he is contractually bound to serve as the host of the Miss America pageant from 2017 to 2021. In other words, if you want to back a winner, it’s essential that you vote!

In conclusion, betting is an essential part of sports fandom. It’s why we keep coming back for more even when our favorite team does not have a good season. Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that the odds can change significantly from day to day, even hour to hour. This is why we suggest using a good quality source for up-to-date odds. Also, be sure to familiarize yourself with the candidates’ appearances and debate times so you can place a wager before each event.