How Old Should You Be to Bet on Sports?

It’s officially football (soccer) season, and that means one thing: You have an excuse to sit back, relax, and let the games play out. Whether you’re a sports fan or enjoy a game or event, there’s probably something on TV this season.

But that doesn’t mean you need to sit back and take it easy. You can take a more active role in the games this year, and there are betting opportunities for all skill levels. Let’s examine how old you need to be to bet on sports and if there are any restrictions.

Quiet Age Restrictions

While it’s not necessary to be a kid to play in the kids’ version of mini-football, you do need to be at least 18 years old to wager on the NFL (National Football League). And it goes without saying that any age restrictions regarding horse racing apply. You’re also free to bet on your favourite cricket league, but you will need to be in the country in which the games are being played. Otherwise, you’re violating the terms and conditions of your gambling license.

Should You Bet On High School Football?

Nowadays, school administrators are cracking down on underage gambling, but in the past, high school athletes were able to cash in on their good looks and athletic ability as soon as they turned 18. There were even cases in which an underage high schooler would pretend to be older in order to get a better deal from a bookie or to simply participate in games he was not yet allowed to bet on. These days, you will find some restrictions regarding high school sports betting, but it’s not like you can’t find ways around them. For example, if you’re really, really good at poker, you might be able to get away with pretending to be a bit older than you actually are. Of course, the chances of getting caught are pretty good, which is why you should avoid this sort of activity if you value your school reputation.

Do You Need to Be An Amateur To Bet On Sports?

Amateurs are allowed to bet on almost all sports, but it is not wise to do so. The key word here is “amateur,” because there’s a difference between betting money you can afford to lose and putting your own skin in the game. If you’re not accustomed to betting or if you’re playing in a country where gambling is illegal, you might find it easier to lose money instead of risking further penalties. Additionally, many professional sports leagues frown upon their players taking part in amateur bouts. Finally, if you’re not a millionaire, you might want to sit this one out. The money you stand to make from betting on sports might not be worth the risk of getting banned.

The Legal Side

The thing about legal restrictions is that they are always subject to change, and it’s up to you to keep abreast of them. If you’re looking to place a bet, check the laws in your area, and if there’s anything unusual, ask your local solicitor for advice. Some sports can get pretty violent, so if you’re concerned about committing a crime by taking part in sports betting, then perhaps you shouldn’t. After all, it’s not like you’re going to hurt anyone. And for the love of God, don’t get drunk and drive. You won’t be driving your car, you’ll be riding it and it’ll be up to someone else to fix your mistakes. Just saying.

Where Can I Bet?

If you’re in Australia, you can bet on all major sporting events in licensed bookmakers. However, if you’re not, you will need to look into whether or not there’s any legal way for you to place a wager. Some countries have restrictions on whether or not they allow residents to bet, so be mindful of where you are when placing your bets.

Is It Worth It?

There are a lot of restrictions and rules surrounding sports betting, and it’s not always worth it. If you’re looking to place a bet on a team you don’t care much for just to make some money, then you might be better off just watching the game. However, if you’re looking to place a bet on a sport you enjoy or if you think you have a good chance of winning, then go for it! Just be smart about it and don’t bet on teams you don’t feel confident about winning or losing against. These are the sorts of things you should consider before engaging in any sort of sports betting.

While there are some restrictions when it comes to betting on sports, there is a lot of opportunity for all ages and skill levels. Just make sure you’re aware of the rules and regulations that pertain to your area. And if you want to take an active role in the games this year, there are plenty of opportunities for you. Just make sure you’re old enough to do so legally.