How to Add Up Betting Odds Together

When trying to make your own bets at the bookie, you are sure to be faced with the dilemma of how to add up the odds from various sportsbooks. After having encountered this issue a few times, I have found a handy tip for all of you that wish to follow my lead. So here is my guide on how to add up sports betting odds together!

Visit Many Different Sportsbooks

Although it is ideal to place your bets at the same bookie, reality often catches up with us, and we end up with several different betting odds in our head. Fortunately, online sportsbooks have made it easier than ever to visit different sportsbooks and compare odds from there. For example, if you are a Barcelona fan and want to place a wager on the Spanish football team to win the Champions League, you may have odds of 2.00 at one bookie and 1.50 at another. If you visit those two bookies and compare the odds, you will discover that they are actually the same.

Find The Most Suitable Bookie

When comparing odds from different sportsbooks, you will notice that some are worse than others. This is usually because the betting exchange rate at the bad bettors is bad. So if you are looking for value, then stay away from those bookies. Similarly, you may also have noticed that some bookies are simply better than others. For example, some will give you odds that are much more favorable than others. If you want to make the most out of your betting experience, then look for the best odds and the most suitable bookie when doing your research.

Use The Most Suitable Odds

When comparing odds from various sportsbooks, you may notice that some are much better than others. If you want to maximize your odds of winning, then you should always go with the better odds regardless of whether they are from a good or bad bookie. The key to successful betting is to find the best odds available and use them to your advantage. For example, if you check the odds at several different bookies and discover that Barcelona have the best odds of 3.00 at one particular site, but the Chelsea odds of 2.00 are also very good at another, then you should definitely choose the 3.00 odds from Barcelona as they seem like the best of the best. Your chances of winning with those odds are much better than if you had gone with the 2.00 odds at Chelsea, even though it’s a good bet too.

How To Add Up Betting Odds In Your Head

For those of you who are confident enough with numbers, you can do the math in your head much more easily than in writing down the long odds. For example, let’s say that you have the following odds in your head:

  • Bermuda Duck Quack
  • Barcelona
  • Tiger Woods
  • Golf
  • Racing
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Hockey

If you add them all up, you will arrive at a number that looks somewhat similar to this:

  • Bermuda Duck Quack x 2
  • Barcelona x 2
  • Tiger Woods x 2
  • Golf x 2
  • Racing x 2
  • Cricket x 2
  • Tennis x 2
  • Soccer x 2
  • Hockey x 2

This is much easier than actually working out the numbers in your head, and it can also be pretty fun. So try it out!

I hope this article has helped you in your quest to learn how to add up different odds together. Following these simple tips will help you choose the best possible odds for your bets and give you a much better chance of winning. Good luck out there!