How to Add a Betting URL in CSGO Lounge

Recently, Valve added a “Lounge Mode” to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). In Lounge Mode, users can play CSGO in a mode where they can spectate other players while also being able to place pre-made bets on matches using real money.

While in Lounge Mode, players can access a CSGO Lounge where they can place their bets. The CSGO Lounge is connected to various betting websites, such as BetOnline, Pinnacle, and MyBookie, and offers a range of markets for users to choose from.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to add a CSGO Lounge to your website or blog so that users can place bets there while also enjoying the perks of Lounge Mode.

Create a Landing Page for the CSGO Lounge

The first step is to create a landing page for the CSGO Lounge. This landing page will be used to guide users to the CSGO Lounge once they’ve clicked a link or used a bookmark to land on it. The landing page doesn’t need to be very long, but it should provide enough information about the CSGO Lounge for potential users to decide to join.

Valve recommends having a desktop version of the page as a better user experience for those on mobile devices. Having a mobile version of the landing page means users can still access the CSGO Lounge even if they don’t have a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Populate the Landing Page with Useful Information

The next step is to populate the landing page with useful information about the CSGO Lounge. This information should include things like the following:

  • An informative heading
  • A short paragraph explaining what the CSGO Lounge is
  • A short paragraph explaining what sort of bets can be placed there
  • A brief description of the betting websites supported by the CSGO Lounge
  • A short paragraph explaining the difference between Lounge Mode and normal play
  • Key benefits for using the CSGO Lounge and how these benefits can be used by website owners
  • Contact information

The more you put in the landing page, the more users will find it useful. It’s always a good idea to include information about the city you’re based in so that users know where to send your winnings, should they win.

Make Sure the Landing Page has an Opt-in Box

An opt-in box is a box that prompts the visitor to subscribe to emails or to like a Facebook page. It’s used to get the email or social media contact details of people interested in the product or service.

Include the opt-in box at the very end of the landing page, preferably just before the submit button. This is a proven method to increase conversion rates because most people prefer to read the entire page before committing to anything.

The advantage of having the opt-in box at the end of the landing page is that if someone clicks on the submit button before reading the opt-in box, they’re automatically opted-in to receive regular emails from you. If they scroll down to the end of the landing page before hitting the submit button, they’ll see the opt-in box and not the submit button and thus not be compelled to submit any personal information.

You can use a service like ConvertKit to easily create an opt-in box on your landing page. Once you have a ConvertKit account, you can drag and drop the opt-in box template onto your page and begin collecting subscribers’ email addresses. You can then continue using the email list to send out periodic emails about your product or service.

Redirect to the CSGO Lounge from the Home Page or Blog

After they’ve subscribed to your emails or liked your Facebook page, you can redirect them to the CSGO Lounge using a dedicated link or a bookmark.

The advantage of doing this is that when a user clicks on the link or bookmark, they’ll be automatically brought to the CSGO Lounge. In Lounge Mode, when a user clicks on a link or bookmark leading to the CSGO Lounge, they’ll see a popup box saying “You’ve arrived at the CSGO Lounge” and not a generic error message.

If someone clicks on the link or bookmark while on the home page or blog of your website, they’ll see the “You’ve arrived at the CSGO Lounge” popup box and not an error message.

Add the Activate button To Your Website or Blog

After creating a landing page, the next step is to add the Activate button to it. This is done using an HTML widget that allows people to subscribe to your site or blog via email or to follow you on social media.

When a user clicks on the Activate button, they’ll automatically be taken to the CSGO Lounge. From there, they can choose to subscribe to your emails or “like” your Facebook page.

The advantage of adding the Activate button is that it provides an obvious and easy way for users to subscribe to your emails or “like” your Facebook page. If someone clicks on the Activate button while browsing your website, they’ll see the “You’ve arrived at the CSGO Lounge” popup box and not an error message.

The Final Step: Optimize the Landing Page for Performances

Once you’ve added a way for users to opt-in to your emails and “like” your Facebook page, the last step is to optimize the landing page for performances. This involves making adjustments to the text on the page and the arrangement of buttons in order to increase the conversion rate.

There are a few tried and tested methods to increasing the conversion rate of a landing page. One is to increase the text size on the page. According to HubSpot’s blog, articles with larger text sizes typically receive around 10% more views than other articles.

Another method is to add more text to the page to make it more enticing to the reader. A longer landing page usually performs better than a short one because most people scan landing pages for information rather than reading them in full.

If you want to use this method, make sure you add additional useful information about your product or service that the user might find interesting.

The last method to increase the conversion rate of your landing page is to add more call-to-action (CTA) buttons. A CTA button is an element on a website that a user can click on to take action, such as subscribing to an email list or “liking” a Facebook page. The advantage of using CTA buttons is that they increase the conversion rate of your landing page.

The bottom line here is that creating a landing page for the CSGO Lounge is not as hard as it sounds. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you’ll be able to put a converting, immersive experience in your users’ hands.