How to Become a Sports Betting Analyst – What It Takes and What You Need

Many people are interested in gambling, and many people are interested in sports gambling. There are a variety of jobs in gaming and sports that one can pursue, and many of these occupations can be quite profitable. If you have a keen interest in sports and betting, then it’s a good idea to consider taking up a career in this area. There are a variety of jobs available, and many career paths to follow. It’s not necessarily a simple process, but it’s a fascinating field of study.

The Basics

Before you begin your sports betting career, it’s important to know the basics. Specifically, you need to know;

  • How to calculate the spread
  • The fundamentals of probability
  • The ins and outs of betting
  • The ethics of sports betting
  • How to approach sports betting with a winning attitude

In general, you will need to complete a bachelor’s degree in business administration or economics. You can also consider taking online business administration degree programs if you feel that you need to specialize in this area.


After you know the basics, you can begin to specialize in a particular area of sports betting. For example, there are a variety of jobs available in sports analytics, which involves the collection, organization, and analysis of sports data. You can even go a step further and become a full-fledged stats guru and provide analytical advice to sports teams and individuals.

If you are interested in becoming a sports betting analyst, then you should look into the various specializations available. Some of the more common ones include;

  • Sports analytics
  • Sports operations
  • Sports strategy
  • Sports finance
  • Sports marketing

Each of these specializations requires a different set of skills, and a bachelor’s degree in one of these areas could put you on the right path to a rewarding career in sports analytics.

Where Do I Start?

Now that you’re ready to enter the field of sports betting, where do you start? There are a variety of online resources that you can turn to for information. For example, the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) maintains an informative and helpful website about job opportunities in the industry. You can also consult the National Employment Board for the latest job openings in the field. Finally, you can check out Dice magazine’s career center for information about various job opportunities in gaming (including sports betting) and careers in general.

If you’re truly interested in breaking into the field of sports betting, then there are a variety of online resources that you can use to get started. It isn’t necessarily a simple process, but it’s a fascinating area. Good luck out there!