How to Block Betting Sites on iPhone

Blocking websites and apps is something that plenty of people have grown accustomed to and have found ways to enjoy on their iPhones. There are several different methods that one can use to do this, but the most popular ones are listed below.

Use The Content Of Websites To Block Them

This is where most people look when they want to block something. While it is not always the most convenient or quickest way to get a result, it is a method that everyone has access to. Simply go to Settings, then General, then Restrictions. From here you can block any website or app that you want. There is no need to memorize any URLs, and you do not need to worry about the website or app mutating over time and making things difficult for you to keep up with.

Use The Mobile Safari Control Panel

Sometimes it is not desirable to simply block content as mentioned above, but sometimes it is desirable to do so at the firewall level. This can be achieved by using the Mobile Safari Control Panel to accomplish the task. With this tool, one can easily configure which sites can be accessed from mobile devices as well as configure other aspects of Safari, like allowed cookies, etc. This is a very helpful tool for those who want to harden their device against malware and fraudsters.

Use Brave

Brave is a popular choice when it comes to mobile browsers, and for good reason. It is based on the Chromium open source project which means it is completely free, as open source projects tend to be. It is also the default browser for the Opera mobile operating system which further adds to its popularity. But above all else, Brave is the most private and secure browser out there. It blocks all kinds of trackers and does not save any browsing history to any servers whatsoever. This is huge for those who are concerned about their privacy. Because of its privacy focus, it is highly compatible with the Tor network which means it is effectively impossible for websites or other online entities to track users while they are on the move.

Use DNS Blackholing

Some people prefer to use DNS blackholing when blocking online content. This method allows you to set up a DNS request to point to a nonexistent IP address or a randomly generated one that is not connected to any site. When this happens, the requested site will not load, and the user will not be able to access it from their device. Essentially this is a type of Denial Of Service (DDoS) attack against the website or service that you are trying to protect users from.

Use The Great Apk Downloader

Another way to block content is to use the great apk downloader. This is something that was designed to be used with Android phones, but it can easily be modified for use with iPhones. Simply search for the great apk downloader in the App Store and download it. Once you have it installed, you can browse through the various settings and block any apps or games that you do not want downloaded to your device.

The great apk downloader is a very versatile application and offers several different settings that one can use to control what is downloaded to their iPhone. For example, one can set the application to only download apps from the official App Store if they want to keep their device safe from malware and fraudulent apps.

Use Private Browsing

One more way to block content is to use private browsing. When you launch private browsing in Safari, you will see a padlock icon next to the URL bar. Simply go to Settings, then General, then Reset, then check the Private Browsing option. When you enter private browsing mode on your iPhone, all trackers, cookies, and other data that is usually collected by sites and apps will be erased. This will not happen for all websites and apps, but it will happen for the majority of them. So while this mode of browsing is not exactly private, it is close enough for many people who use it daily.

Use A Virtual Private Network (VPN) Proxy

A VPN is a great way to secure your Wi-Fi connection while on the move. When you use a VPN app like Kill Switch, you can set your iPhone to connect to a VPN server whenever it is turned on or connected to a Wi-Fi network. When this happens, all of the content that you encounter will be encrypted and scrambled, maintaining your personal privacy wherever you go. This is especially useful for people who travel frequently for work and want to keep their personal information secure while doing their job. Traveling for work via airplane sometimes means connecting to wireless networks in airports, which could be risky if those networks are not encrypted.

Use Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode on your iPhone is exactly what it says on the tin. When this option is enabled, all of the hardware on your phone will be disabled so that you do not use up any of its resources while on the move. This can be an effective way to stop a device from interacting with outside sources while in flight, especially if you are worried about the device getting overheated or damaged. So while it is not always possible to use all of the above methods to block websites and apps on iPhone, it is always possible to use one or two of them.