How to Convert Betting Odds to Moneyline

A lot of people like to play online fantasy sports games, but they don’t always like the odds they get when they place a bet. With some careful conversion, though, all those odds can be turned into moneyline bets where the favorites usually win and the underdogs usually lose.

The Basics

If you’re not familiar with the terms “$1 dollar bet”, “$1 over under”, or “moneyline”, then reading on might not make complete sense. Let’s quickly review what those terms mean:

A $1 dollar bet is the same as a $1 coin bet, which is a bet of exactly one dollar. If you’re playing on a site that uses American dollars, then a $1 dollar bet will always be exactly one dollar. This type of bet is usually the simplest to understand but the least exciting to play. 

An over under is when you bet on the favorite and the odds are adjusted to reflect the fact that the favorite is favored to win. So if you bet on the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the NBA Finals this year, and they have odds of 3-1, then your bet would be “Cavaliers -3, Houston -1”. On an over under bet, the favorite’s odds are usually marked a little higher than they would be in a straight up bet. For example, the Cleveland Cavaliers might be odds-on favorites in the NBA, but if you bet on them to win the championship, the odds would actually be 5-1 or 6-1 instead of the customary 3-1.

A moneyline is a combination of the two preceding terms – it’s a $1 dollar bet on an over under line. So if you’re a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers and you’ve wagered $1 on them to win the NBA 2017 Championship, then your bet would be “Cavaliers -3, Houston -1 – Cleveland”. Remember, the moneyline is when the favorite and the underdog meet in a head-to-head battle where the winner is determined by how much money you win or lose based on the final score.

Why Are Favourites So Popular For Fantasy Sports?

The simple answer is that everyone wants to bet on the favorites, especially when there’s an opportunity to earn extra cash. But there’s more to it than that. By placing a bet on a team you love, you’re not just passively watching the game – you’re participating in the action and helping your team win. This might be one of the main reasons why fans like to bet on their favorite team – it makes them feel a little more involved in the game.

In a world full of odds, moneyline, and $1 bets, it’s easy for someone to get confused about which one to choose. But if you want to make sure you’re always betting on an even playing field, then go with the over under – it’s the simplest and most common type of wager in fantasy sports. And if you want to make things more exciting, then choose a team you’re not so attached to and root for the underdog.

How Do I Place A Moneyline Bet?

Now that you’re familiar with the three types of bets available in fantasy sports, let’s go over how to place them. First off, you’ll need to determine the odds of each team before placing your wager. For example, if you’ve followed all the steps correctly up to this point and you’re playing on a site that uses American dollars, then the Cleveland Cavaliers should be 5-1 (the favorite) in the NBA Finals this year. To find the odds of other teams, just visit their website and/or look them up on a sports encyclopedia. From there, you can copy and paste the odds into your wagering page to get a dollar value for each team.

Next, you’ll want to calculate the total number of points you’ll need to bet on each team to win the championship. To do this, add up the points that the favorite and the underdogs, respectively, will score in the game. Remember, the underdogs are the teams you’re rooting for in this particular matchup. Once you have that figure, you can place your wagers. It’s important to note here that the points you need to win do not necessarily have to come from the same game. You might need to look at the teams’ overall records or the records of previous games to determine how many points each will score.

The Final Step

Once you’ve placed your wagers, it’s time to monitor them. Visit your team’s website or the wagering page of the online sportsbook you play on regularly to check on the status of your bets. You also might want to check on the status of the game – is it still going on or has it ended? Has there been an overtime period? If you’ve placed winning bets, then you’ll want to check on the status of those bets too. Simply enter the bet amount and the favorite and underdog teams into the search bar and click on the status tab.

If all is well and your bets are accepted by the sportsbook, then congratulations! You might want to download a handy-dandy watch application for your phone so you can easily check on the status of your bets at a glance. With a little bit of effort, you might be able to turn your $1 bets into $100+ in winnings. And that’s all you need to keep in mind when betting on sports – it’s all about the math. For more information on sports betting, check out these resources: