How to Bet on Cricket Matches the Right Way

The beautiful game of cricket has been around for more than 100 years and is played around the world. The sport also goes by many other names, such as “test cricket,” “county cricket,” or “T20 cricket.” The aim of the game is to score more runs than your opponent, while preventing him from doing the same. This is usually done by hitting sixes (home runs) or boundaries (a four or more runs over the total number of runs in the opposite team’s batting order) during the course of the game. In this article, we will teach you how to bet on cricket matches the right way.

The Basics

Cricket is a fast-paced sport and, as such, can be quite difficult to master. To start with, each over (a sequence of six balls, usually three balls in the case of a twenty-over game) is timed, which means you need to learn to read the bowler’s pace (speed) as well as his strengths and weaknesses. You should know that every over is bowled under the supervision of the umpire and the bowling can’t continue if the umpire doesn’t give the ball after each over. The faster the bowling speed, the fewer the runs scored by the batsman (this is because the ball travels faster, which makes it easier to hit).

Furthermore, it is essential that you learn to adjust your betting line depending on the total number of runs scored in a particular match. If the total number of runs in a game (or in each half of the game) is below a certain number of runs, you should consider raising your price; if the total number of runs is above that certain number, you should consider lowering your price.

Where Can I Bet On Cricket?

Although traditional sportsbooks sometimes do offer cricket betting, the best online bets for cricket are those offered by the independent betting agencies whose objective is the same as yours: to provide you with the best odds possible for any sports betting purchase. If you have a knack for finding value in the odds, these agencies can help you find the best balance between winning and losing at any given time. Additionally, agencies that specialize in high-quality cricket betting know how to avoid the major pitfalls that occur more often than not when individuals place bets on sporting events.

Watch The Batsman

The first step to betting on cricket is to understand the game and where the value lies. One of the best websites covering all aspects of the sport is CricketInfo, which provides in-depth statistical analysis as well as predictions for upcoming matches. By studying the stats and scouting the opposition, you will be able to accurately place a bet on whether or not the home team will score more runs than the away team, as well as which member of the opposite team will score the most runs.

Understand The Psychology Of The Game

You must also understand the psychology of the game if you are to place a smart bet on cricket. Unlike many other sports, such as soccer and American football, there is rarely a clear favorite in a cricket match. This is mainly because the game is not played on a flat pitch but, rather, there are various terrains (greens, white sands, concrete, hard courts, etc.) that affect the trajectory (flight path) of the ball. As a result, not only does it vary in shape, but its speed can also fluctuate a great deal. This means that, in most cases, it is extremely difficult to predict who will win a given match. However, if we were to choose one side based on the current form (and stats, of course) it would be a no-brainer: 

  • Team A: Willing to lose?
  • Team B: Fear of losing?

Why would you want to bet on a team that is afraid of losing? It’s simple: the more anxious a team is in regards to losing, the more value there is in backing them. This is because anxious players (usually the ones on the losing side, for some reason) tend to throw poor games in terms of their batting, which can lead to them hitting fewer boundaries and scoring fewer runs than they could.

Lay Low On Small Wins

It is also advisable to bet on low-scoring games (i.e., those with under 20 runs scored in each half) because, as we mentioned above, cricket is a speed sport and, as such, the fewer the games, the faster they tend to go by. Another thing to keep in mind is that the slower the pace of a game, the more the odds will favor the home team. And, finally, in order to make some quick cash, it is advisable to bet on the underdogs (teams that everyone else is picking to lose). As long as you are picking the right match (i.e., one with low run-scoring expectations), this is a great option because you will most likely be able to make a profit; if the opposite happens and the game ends up being a high-scoring affair, you will lose a small amount of money, but it will be nothing compared to what you originally risked.

Use The Odds To Your Advantage

Last but not least, we would like to remind you that the odds (i.e., the mathematics that predict the result of a given game, based on the statistical information available) are always in your favor when it comes to betting on sporting events, including cricket. In other words, if you have an odd of X to Y, you will most likely win your bet. And, as we mentioned in the previous point, the slowness of the game means the less the odds will favor the home team, which makes it perfect for ‘value’ betting. For example, if you go into a betting agency and place a £10 bet on a four-horse race, the odds will be extremely long (1 to 4,000). However, take that same money and bet it on dog fighting, and the odds will be extremely short (2 to 1). This is because there is less uncertainty regarding the outcome of a fight between dogs than there is regarding a horse race.

Now you might be thinking that you simply can’t control which team will win a cricket match, especially since the ball can behave in a manner that is quite unpredictable. However, you can control how you bet on cricket and you should do so wisely. As you saw in the examples above, the keys to making smart wagers on cricket are knowing the game, understanding the psychology of the game, and using the odds to your advantage. With those three things in mind, you will be able to place a bet that is both profitable and satisfying.