How to Do Matched Betting

Matched betting is when you place a bet on an event and also place a simultaneous bet on whether or not that event will happen. So if you think that a certain football team will win the game you are watching, you can place a bet on them winning and also place a bet on whether or not they will win.

In order to do matched betting you will need a multi-currency wallet or a gambling app. Most online casinos let you place bets in different currencies and some also allow you to match bet, so you have the option of using your regular bank account or cryptocurrency to place bets. The following list will tell you which sites offer the best matched betting pairing options:

Fantasy Bundesliga: Best Overall Match Betting

Fantasy Bundesliga is one of the most popular gambling sites in Germany, with a good selection of markets including horse racing, tennis, football, and more. The site is available in both English and German, and is one of the few that offer NFL, NBA, and NHL betting in addition to the standard European leagues such as the Bundesliga and the Italian Serie A. Fantasy Bundesliga is a clear choice for anyone interested in matched betting.

Bet-at-home: Best Overall Live Betting

The online betting market is global and offers tons of options for those looking to place a wager. One of the biggest names in online betting is Bet-at-home, a site that was launched in the UK but now operates globally. They offer tons of sports, including NFL, NHL, NBA, and more. The site is quite popular in the UK and Ireland, where it was officially launched, and also offers live betting and in-play wagering.

Betfair Offers: Best Overall Fixed Odds Betting

If you are looking for a site where you can place bets on the outcome of various sporting events, then perhaps consider looking at Betfair. The UK-based bookmaker offers betting on a variety of sports, including NBA, NHL, NFL, and more. As the name would indicate, betfair offers fixed odds betting on almost all sporting events, which makes it the perfect choice for those who want to place bets while watching TV. It also offers live betting and in-play wagering through its partnership with various sports betting providers, allowing users to follow the action as it happens.

Sky Bet: Best Overall Irish Betting

Sky Bet is another Irish-owned and -operated online sportsbook that also offers football, horse racing, and tennis betting. Much like the UK-based bookmaker we just mentioned, Sky Bet also offers fixed odds betting and live betting via its partnership with various sporting events, making it another clear choice for those seeking Irish betting. Sky Bet is great for those who want to place bets on the international stage, as they offer plenty of markets for fans of world football to indulge in.

The list of sports that Sky Bet offers are quite extensive, including American sports such as the NBA and the NFL, as well as European football leagues including the Bundesliga and the Italian Serie A. They also have a selection of Canadian sports events and a cricket betting section, so cricket fans might find this one to be quite worthwhile.

Match Betting: Best Overall For Cricket Fans

Cricket is a popular sport in both the UK and Ireland, and those looking for a place to indulge their passion for the game can turn to Match Betting. Like other sports betting sites, Match Betting offers a variety of sports, including American football, basketball, and soccer, as well as cricket. However, this site is quite unique in that it only offers cricket betting, and also offers in-play betting, via its partnership with various cricket betting providers. So if you follow cricket, and know which team will win, you can place a bet on them and also get the action as it happens. Naturally, since cricket is a very competitive sport, this is an option that might interest the very avid fans of the game.

Paddy Power: Best Overall For Rugby Fans

If you are a hardcore rugby fan and want to bet on your favorite team, then Paddy Power is the place to be. This Irish-owned and -operated sports betting site offers the complete rugby spectrum from club to country, including the Aviva Premiership, the Heineken Cup, and the Guinness Pro14. Just like other sports betting sites, Paddy Power is open to all countries and is easy to use, so even non-sports fans can enjoy the experience. For those seeking Irish betting, Paddy Power is the clear choice, and if you are looking for the best overall match betting site, then it’s a no brainer that we’d recommend Paddy Power.

For Free

There are dozens of betting sites out there that don’t ask for your credit card or login details, so that you don’t have to pay a penny for your account. Some of these sites are pretty good, and offer a varied selection of sports, as well as live betting and in-play wagering, via their partnership with various sports betting providers. You can find a list of these sites, as well as full details on how to get a free bet, at Best Free Betting Sites.

In case you were wondering, you can also use Bitcoin to fund your account at certain bookmakers and bettors, which is the same as paying with cash, but without needing to worry about finances or payment methods.

Ultimately, when choosing a place to indulge in your favorite sporting event, you want to make sure that 1) the selection of sports is varied and interesting, and 2) that the site has an easy-to-use interface that makes placing your wagers as simple as possible. The list of options above should give you plenty to choose from, and help you make the right decision for your needs.