How to Enable Betting Toribash on the Blockchain

People from all over the world bet on sports with online casinos. Some popular sports with sports betting
include football, baseball, golf and tennis. But what if you want to place a bet on a sporting event that doesn’t have an online casino?

Thanks to blockchain technology, this problem is now a thing of the past. On July 11th, 2019, the founders of the cryptocurrency Betting.Toribash announced that their project had hit its soft cap of 100 million USD and would be issuing their first ever staking event, aptly named the Staking Offering. This staking event is essentially a loyalty program where users will earn rewards for simply storing and using their tokens. In order to register for the staking program, users will have to undergo a KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure which proves their identity and verifies their address. Users then have the option to select how many BTT tokens they would like to set aside as collateral for the program. BTT is currently the 28th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, and the prices fluctuate between $0.07 and $0.12 each.

If you’re looking to get into crypto betting but don’t want to use a traditional bank to do so, the Staking Offering is a viable alternative.

Why Use Staking?

There are a few key reasons why one might decide to use staking when participating in a cryptocurrency project. First, it is a way of establishing a base level of support for a project. Second, it offers some measure of protection against potential fraud. Third, it provides users with some degree of financial flexibility. And last but not least, staking is a way of earning extra tokens which can be used for other purposes.

Taking the last point first, since BTT is a utility token that is used as a fuel reward for the Sports Chat Platform, users have an incentive to stake their BTT because they will be able to earn rewards in the form of free fuel. In the same way that BitCoin can be used to purchase goods and services on the internet, BTT can be used to make sports wagers on the platform. However, since the price of Bitcoin fluctuates wildly, it can be more challenging for users of cryptocurrencies to enter into transactions with vendors and other users. Staking alleviates this problem to a certain extent since the price and value of BTT is not as volatile as the price of Bitcoin. Therefore, it is much easier for users to purchase goods and services with their BTT.

An additional advantage of staking is that it provides users with some extra degree of privacy. Due to the way that blockchain technology works, all transactions are publicly available for all to see. However, since BTT is a utility token that is being used for a specific purpose, it can be anonymized through the use of cryptography, effectively hiding user’s identities when making wagers. In addition to this, since transactions on the blockchain are also recorded on the public ledger, any attempt at fraud would also be visible to all.


One of the key features of the Sports Chat Platform is its multi-channel functionality. Users can choose to follow the scores of various games and join in on the conversation as they watch the events unfold. Alternatively, users can choose to focus on one game and tune out the rest, if they are not interested in following the scores of other sports events. Furthermore, users can choose to stake their tokens in order to access premium content, such as live betting and stats for games that they are interested in following.

Since BTT is a utility token that is used for payment purposes on the platform, users have an interest in following the outcome of certain events. If you don’t care about the outcome of an event, you can choose to ignore the warnings of the bot and place your bet anyway. In the same way that it is possible to purchase a World Cup 2018 ticket and watch the matches live on your cellphone, it is also possible to place a wager on any sporting event that takes place this year or that takes place in the future. Just make sure that you are following along or participating in the correct matchup since the results of your wager will be based on the outcome of the game.

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports In My Country?

If you’re traveling to another country, it is of paramount importance to ascertain whether or not it is legal to bet on sports in the country that you are visiting. Some countries may still consider it a serious offense to engage in sporting activities and gambling, while others may have completely different laws pertaining to online casinos and betting. Be sure to consult with a knowledgeable attorney before you travel to another country.

When Can I Expect To Start Reaping Rewards From Staking?

This will depend on how much time you decide to stay connected to the network and how much participation you provide. Just like with any other cryptocurrency project, once you have registered for the staking program and set aside some collateral in order to participate, you will then be able to earn rewards based on the usage and activity of your wallet. The more you use the network, the more rewards you will accumulate. However, keep in mind that using your tokens for other purposes than what they are designed for will also deplete your collateral. This is why it is important to stake your BTT only for the purposes of the program. For more information, please visit