How to Get to the Betting Part of a Baseball Game?

The excitement in the air. The crowd getting louder. The players more focused. It’s a perfect game! Let’s take a moment to reminisce on what could be one of the most memorable days of your life. Maybe you’re at a professional baseball game, or perhaps it’s an amateur game at a local ballpark. What are you doing there? You’re probably there for the game, but what else might be going on? Do you have a bookie with you? Or maybe you’re there with your family and friends? There are certainly other ways to experience a game, but let’s focus on what’s going on around you game-wise.

What Happens Before the Game?

The players arrive about an hour and a half before game time. They stretch, get their batting practice, and hit the gym. The pitchers hit the mound twice in the hour leading up to the game. One hour and a half before the first pitch, the infielders take their practice, the outfielders stretch, the hitters get their final BP, and the pitcher’s warming up. Twenty minutes before game time, the manager comes out to the mound and starts his final conference with the pitcher. Twenty minutes more, and the gates open and the fans arrive. They start filing in and taking their seats about ten minutes before game time. About five minutes before the game starts, the players come out for their national anthems and pre-game rituals. Here’s a closer look at what happens in the hour and a half leading up to the game. (And feel free to add any more information in the comments!)

Game Day!

Your day of joy is finally here! You made it through the long winter months, and today is finally game day! Your favorite team is playing today, and you’re going to witness a game you’ll never forget! For an hour or two, everything is great! The players stretch, warm up, and get ready to play. The fans are getting settled, and you’re wondering what to do next. Wait, there’s more! Just as the players are about to take the field, the sun decides to shine, and it begins to rain. Your day of joy turns into a day of misery. Hooligans in fancy dress storm the field, and security is called in. The players stop mid-play and wait for the rain to subside. Finally, about ten minutes before the end of the 1st inning, the umpires come out, and the game continues. The players play at a snail’s pace for the rest of the game, but it’s all in good fun. Right?

Where Can I Sit?

You want to sit in the stands, so you choose a good spot near the front. This way you’ll be closer to the action, and you won’t have to search for a restroom during the game. (Umpire’s, manager’s, and coaches’ booths are the closest to the field, and are usually the most crowded. Security and press box areas are also great places to sit. From there you can see the entire field, and get a good peek at the action.) Even if you’re just a fan, try to find a spot near the front. The closer you are to the action, the better. You’ll be able to see the whole field, and the players much better. Try to avoid sitting in the dark or behind a barrier. These areas are usually packed, but they can be dangerous. You can injure yourself on the uneven glass or metal surfaces. Plus, when the lights are out and the game’s not on, it’s harder to see. (If you play sound on your phone or tablet, you can download the Fandango app. It’s available for both Android and iOS. Once you have the app, you can order food and drink, make group purchases, and listen to music while at the game. All of this from the convenience of your phone. It’s great!)

What Can I Bring With Me?

You want to be prepared for the game, so you bring a picnic with you. (If you forgot to go to the grocery store earlier today, you could still picnic at the stadium. Ask an employee for help finding a quiet spot in the bowels of the stadium. You won’t have to worry about anyone breaking into your food since it’s probably too early in the day for any food trucks to be out there.) You pack your snacks and drinks, and head for the outfield. If it’s a nice day, bring a chair and a blanket. You’ll have a grand view of the sunset, and can enjoy some quality time with your friends and family. (If it happens to be raining or cold, bring an umbrella or raincoat. You can also purchase some temporary plastic raincovering devices at any game to protect you from the rain. They’re usually available near the entrances.) Whether you’re at an open-air stadium or a dome, you can find a quiet spot among the seats. (Always check with the people around you before you sit down. Sometimes they want your seat, too. And don’t sit in the bathroom or near the kitchen. Food and drink containers larger than 12 ounces are prohibited. Any containers holding more than 12 ounces will be subject to confiscation.)

Game Time!

Finally! The players are lined up on the field, and are ready to play. (If you have an extra 35 minutes to kill before the game, explore the nearby area. You might find some kids playing in the street. Have them join your team, and you’ll have the perfect five-a-side football match. Just make sure your teammates don’t suck!) You tune into the game, and enjoy a few innings of greatness. (If you’re at a professional baseball game, the scoreboard usually updates during intermissions. Most stadiums have radios inside the stadiums for the fans to listen to. And don’t worry, even though it’s a boring game, you’ll still be able to follow the action. The game will always have something interesting happening. Something you might not see even in the movies.) The excitement builds as the game goes on. Towards the end, it’s getting closer and closer to the end. The players are tireless as they try to keep going, but they know they’re running out of gas. The manager comes out to the mound for one final conference with the pitcher. It’s the last inning, and your team is winning. The excitement is palpable. More than one person has been known to keel over from excitement. (At the end of the game, the players and coaches go nuts and celebrate on the field. Some of the hooligans even carry the team owner on their shoulders. It’s a sight to behold!) The players begin their post-game interviews and conferences. The manager comes out to the mound to talk to the pitcher. The security guards are checking IDs and bag searches as fans are slowly leaving the stadium. You find your way out of the park, and are driven home. The sweet taste of victory still lingers in your mouth. Tomorrow is a new day, and it’s time for you to get back to the boring grind of everyday life.