How to Make a Football Betting Chart

Have you ever tried to organize a football pool with your friends, but it never seems to work out how you planned? You might be wondering how to make a football betting chart that will keep your friends and family guessing as to what team you are backing – or whether you are even backing a team at all! If so, then this article is for you. We will teach you how to make a football betting chart that will allow you to keep track of all your wagers and offer some insight into how to make it work for you.

Step 1: Collect Odds

The very first thing you need to do to start making your betting chart is to collect all the odds available for each game. You can use websites such as bet365 to do this. Simply search for the game you are interested in, and you will see a list of all the odds available for that game. You can see the odds for different bookmakers in the chart below.

The important thing to note here is that the odds will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. Some may be better than others, so you will want to make sure you are getting the best odds available when you place your wagers. If you want to keep things simple, then go with the odds from the bookmaker that has the biggest share of the market. The only risk with doing this is if the bookmaker you are using suddenly goes under. Then you will have to find another source to get your odds from.

Step 2: Identify Popular Teams

Now that you have your odds, you can start to form a rough idea of which teams are the most popular to bet on. Remember: you are trying to make a betting chart, so you are going to need to keep it simple. Look at the stats from the last 10 games to get an idea of the most popular teams. The most popular team to bet on this year has been…

  • Manchester United
  • Manchester City
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Real Madrid
  • Liverpool
  • Leicester City
  • Tottenham Hotspur
  • Chelsea

These are the teams that people are currently backing as the best to win the next game. Whether you agree with this analysis or not, at least you will have a rough idea of which teams people are favoring to win next.

Step 3: Identify Underdogs

If you are looking to make some money off this bet, then you are going to have to identify some underdogs. These are the teams that most people are avoiding as they believe that they have no chance of winning. You can use these odds to earn some extra cash if you want to make a quick profit. Remember: as a beginner, you are more likely to lose money rather than make it. The key is to find a profitable betting strategy that you can use to build up a small bankroll before venturing into more advanced betting methods.

Step 4: Sum Up Your Wagers

Once you have collected all your odds and have some underdogs to bet on, it’s time to sum up all your wagers. This is simply the process of adding up all your bets and seeing how much you have won or lost over the course of the season. To get an idea of how much you have won or lost, use the following formula:

  • (W-L) x (Odds Sum) = Wagers
  • Where:
    • W = Won
    • L = Lost
    • Odds Sum = Sum of All Odds
  • Step 5: Calculate Win–Loss Ratio

    The final step in creating your betting chart is to calculate your win–loss ratio. Simply take your total win amount and divide it by your total loss amount. You will then have a number that you can use to gauge your winning percentage for this season. To find the exact amount of wins and losses for this season, you can use the following formula:

    • W/L = Win/Loss Ratio
    • Where:
      • W = Won
      • L = Lost
    • Final Thoughts

      Hopefully, this article gave you enough information to successfully create a betting chart. You can now use this to track all your wagers and offer some insight into how successful you have been at football gambling. Remember: it’s all about keeping things simple! As you gain more experience, you will find that the more advanced methods can offer additional advantages for certain types of betting situations. For instance, if you are betting on whether Manchester United or Manchester City will score the next goal, then you can use some complex formulas to see how much each goal scorer is expected to score based on the total number of goals they have scored in their previous games. However, if you are just placing bets on which team will win a match, then you can use a simple percentage to get a good idea of how the game will go and whether you will win or lose based on the odds you have collected.