How to Make a Sports Betting Algorithm (with Pictures)

Looking for an edge in sports betting? Try a sports betting algorithm.

Developed and tested over many years by professional gamblers, these formulas are a formula for winning, making them perfect for those who like a good gamble but don’t want to get too far behind. If you’re looking for a way to get ahead at sports betting or just want to try something new, check out this article about how to make a sports betting algorithm.

The Different Types Of Algorithms For Sports Betting

When developing a sports betting algorithm, you need to decide how you’ll use it. There are several different types of sports betting algorithms available, and they’re all slightly different. This article will discuss the differences between the various sports betting algorithms and which one you may want to use.

The Martingale System

The martingale system is named after a gambling tactic from the 1700s where you keep doubling your bets until you win. The goal is to avoid getting too far behind so that you can keep up with the action and don’t risk getting stomped by the bookmakers. If you’re new to betting or sports, this may seem like a risky strategy but with the right guidance, it’s more than capable of delivering big wins.

The Laymon Method

The laymon method is named after its creator, American lawyer and sports gambler Eric Laymon. It’s a fairly straightforward method where you place a single bet on the game you’re following, and you use that bet as a stake. You then multiply that initial bet by two, four, or six, depending on the rules of the particular algorithm. When you meet the required stake, you’ll be given the option to enter a side or teaser bet, as well. The idea behind the laymon method is to avoid getting too far behind by using a simple yet effective strategy that’s easy to understand.

The Sure Thing System

The sure thing system was designed by the same team that developed the laymon method. The goal is the same as the laymon method: to avoid getting too far behind so that you can keep up with the action. However, the sure thing system goes one step further and allows you to hedge your bet after each winning streak. This is done by using the bet you placed as your initial stake and multiplying it by an additional factor of two, four, or six. This makes the sure thing system a more complicated but also more effective strategy. It is, in fact, the most commonly used sports betting algorithm.

The Edge System

The edge system is named after its creator, sports gambler Edgeworth “Edge” McEwen. It’s a fairly straightforward strategy where you aim to avoid losing by using odds that are slightly in your favor. You may choose to use a laymon method or the sure thing system for the first part of your wagering, then switch to edge once you’ve gotten into the habit of betting according to the algorithm. McEwen’s approach is to use a combination of the laymon method, the sure thing system, and the edge system to create a unique approach that is effective for anyone who uses it.

Choosing the right algorithm for your needs is critical. You don’t want to bet on a game using a tactic that is actively opposed by the bookmakers or one that is too complicated for you to follow accurately. If you’re looking for an edge in sports betting, try a sports betting algorithm. With the right guidance and effort, you may find that this strategy provides the extra edge you’re looking for in winning your bets.